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Zhu Tingpin serves at heart too black a digging how see recruit moves –   sports Sohu; Beijing October 23rd, 2016 the tenth women’s Volleyball World Club Championships in Manila yesterday zhanba semi-final, Turkey – Keifer watt bank battle four innings with 1-3 lost to Issa Chiba F missed the finals. After the game, the world cup and the Olympic Games double MVP Zhu Ting, with a lot of questions to answer appropriately digging humility, even the teacher Lang Ping see recruit moves in speech style, did not forget to laugh their heart is too dark". Knocked out by Issa Chiba F missed the final, according to "lost the first occupation champion", Zhu Ting for this reason to accept the results, "in fact, strong rivals, winning or losing is very normal, before I say to yourself, try to win every ball, as a result, to see who play better. Opponents today in some aspects of the deal better than us, we should sum up." Club World Cup short defeat did not affect Zhu Ting’s self-confidence, Keifer watt bank is hoping to 2016-2017 Champions League and Turkey League again against the rival, "I believe the League to meet again, we would win, because the League allows only three foreign aid in the game, players play opponent today too much……" Zhu Tingru is a firm confidence. Although Zhu Ting won three games and scoring, the world cup and the Olympic Games has become a double MVP body, tile Keifer bank star, but still very modest to "get the Club World Championship and MVP" on this issue, "are not so perfect, good could not fall a person in my head. I think this is very good, if it is perfect, I will be uneasy." In the face of the star studded Issa Chiba F, Zhu Ting in the first three games, starting fourth main bureau to get away, wanton 23 points won the scoring, and over 42.55% success rate and score efficiency of 36.17% transcripts, evaluate their performance to play, "OK, no chain, no special." As for why will appear two times jump float directly under the net error in the third inning, Zhu Ting did not forget to smile at the heart is too dark, they want to send……". With the relevant bank Keifer watts of coach and teammates at the crucial moment suck, Zhu Ting team selection and shared responsibility to lose, "volleyball is a collective project, not into you and me better. For everyone, ups and downs is inevitable, I will have ups and downs, there is a need to make up for his teammates. In our team, we always encourage each other, the atmosphere is very good. Our coach has his ideas, his tactics, we need to slow down." For some fans through social networking platform to attack other teammates irrational speech, Zhu Ting as a member of the Keifer watt bank knows the warmth of family, "no matter what others say, I really love our team, coach and manager are to us as family, the team also very friendly. In our team, no matter what happens, you ask any one of the team, will be very enthusiastic to help you." (Feng Muyi)相关的主题文章: