Zhongzhou Plastic futures straddle factors fluctuated 3u8813

Zhongzhou: Plastic futures straddle factors fluctuated clients view the latest market current Fed rate hike is expected to dim, the dollar index on the lack of action, expected to provide support for the price of crude oil. Although the "golden nine silver ten" season, the downstream demand is still not able to drive the plastic prices, but the domestic economy running smoothly, plastic inventory pressure, will support prices to a certain extent, the microscopic plastic collapse, maintaining the recent fluctuated mainly. Operating varieties: L1701 operating range: 8400-9300 admission price: more than a single 8400-8800; empty single 8900-9300 funds occupied: 20-60%. Risk: if you break the plate area, then homeopathy. A macro, fundamental analysis, 1 robust domestic economy according to the National Bureau of statistics, 2016 1-8 months, the national fixed asset investment (excluding rural households) 366339 billion yuan, up 8.1% nominal growth, the growth rate was flat with 1-7. From the chain speed, August fixed asset investment (excluding farmers) grew 0.58%. Sub industry, industrial investment 141117 yuan, an increase of 2.9%, the growth rate fell by 1-7 percentage points lower than in the month of; manufacturing investment of 116523 yuan, an increase of 2.8%, the growth rate down by percentage points. The real estate market, 1-8 real estate investment in July compared to 0.1 percentage points accelerated to. Among them, the new housing construction area of 1 billion 68 million 340 thousand square meters, an increase of 12.2%. At the same time, real estate stocks got obvious effect, in August this year, commercial housing sale area reduced the cumulative 30 million square meters. Overall, the domestic economy is running smoothly, is expected to boost demand for crude oil. 2, the United States in September is expected to raise interest rates at the beginning of September, the U.S. August payrolls data accident baoleng attention, the market for the fed in September is expected to increase interest rates plummeted. U.S. August nonfarm payrolls increased by only 151 thousand, lower than market expectations of an increase of 180 thousand people, while wage growth slowed, fulfilling the previous market rumors in August, the black curse". U.S. unemployment rate was 4.9% in August, is expected to be $4.8%, the former value of $4.9%. Currently, the market generally believes that the probability of interest rate hike in September is not. Two, fundamental analysis, 1 OPEC informal meeting is approaching, the focus of production agreement can be reached in the recent market freeze in the OPEC OPEC plan informal meeting, held in Algiers on September 26-28 informal talks. Saudi Arabia and Russia reached a cooperation agreement during the G20 summit, willing to work together to stabilize the oil market, so that the market is likely to reach an agreement on the production cap. But after the Saudi energy minister Falich (Khalid al-Falih) said that currently do not need to limit production, so that the market for frozen production agreement to enhance the skepticism. Last weekend, the oil port in eastern Libya, another outbreak of war, and 2 crude oil port was occupied, but did not bring oil prices to support. At present.相关的主题文章: