Zhengzhou’s population of over 9 million why footbridge across the street only 50 seat-pigeon blood

Zhengzhou’s population of over 9 million why footbridge across the street only 50 "the rapid development of the Zhengzhou overpass when a post" decide on what path to follow, the 19 month 15 days in an invigorating autumn climate River forums fueled resonate. It is not difficult to make a city run fast. The difficulty is how to slow down the city. The construction of city slow system, such as the overpass. These are often the most important infrastructure, and easy to be ignored, the amount of its layout, a city government’s ability to control the details. World car free day, September 22nd. In the promotion of green travel days, according to the netizen’s flyover asked the "big river and Henan daily joint investigations launched this lengthy report, look forward to more and more international norm of the future construction of more livable Zhengzhou. River network, Henan Daily reporter Li Hengwen River · client Figure 1] [to visit the West Third Ring Road Flyover: oncoming traffic on the footbridge across the road from the beginning of Zhengzhou must become the West Sanhuan central intersection, along the West Sanhuan to North Sanhuan, this period of less than 5 km of the road, 4 road overpass. Without exception, these two are flyover bridge channel two, while the entrance is far from the slope slope channel longer, for electric cars, bicycles, side is the entrance distance of only a few meters, for pedestrians to use ordinary stairs. Standing on the southeast side of the Xiliu Lake overpass, the concertina wire high, you can see the ring expressway on the vehicle The stream never stops flowing., they ran out of the pace of development of the city. At the foot of the bridge deck, laying the ordinary floor tiles, no damage, very flat. "We usually cross the West Sanhuan, are crossing the bridge." A passing citizen Mr Liu said, crossing the car more than a long distance in each intersection, three speed, and the intermediate belt, leaping across the street across the street, very civilized, very dangerous. The river network · Henan Daily reporter learned that this section of West Sanhuan Road, by the middle of the green belt separation in the Central Plains Road, Tuen Mun Road, West Road intersection ran are cross traffic intersection, road construction is a complex whole overpass bridge, under the bridge through the circular turntable channel. The people here are saying that the bridge is very practical and convenient. Of course, there are a lot of people that can increase the beautiful shade in the overpass (rain) canopy, can beautify the city, also can make people more comfortable crossing. [visit 2] Zheng Dong New District: the phenomenon of crossing the road seriously, one year trampled on the death of the three stubble, "evergreen" Zheng Dong new district is another scene. Even the day, reporters visited a number of sections of the Zheng Dong New District, there are few overpass. The Goldwater East Winton Road overpass, Zheng Dong new district is almost the only footbridge. This bridge before construction, the media had so many calls to the media comment: "special allocation people’s life is not a joke, when there is the bridge?" at noon on September 11th, the Henan Daily reporter drove by the inner circle of running a business, see more than 10 across the street uncivilized behavior, and in agriculture road and Peace Road intersection two in front of the hospital, this situation also appeared several times. Because many people go,.相关的主题文章: