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Zhengzhou Metro Line 1 has a lot of praise made in Henan provincial Party Secretary of science and technology innovation in Henan – Henan Daily reporter Zhu Dianyong newspaper reporter Hou Mengfei the. Yesterday morning, the province to implement the teleconference on the national science and Technology Innovation Conference held in Zhengzhou, the meeting, the provincial Secretary of the provincial people’s Congress Chairman Xie Fuzhan speech, deputy secretary of the provincial Party committee, governor Chen Runer presided over the meeting. Secretary and governor also attended the meeting to mobilize the deployment of scientific and technological innovation, scientific and technological innovation in Henan, at a glance. This name looks dull awkward meeting, the theme is "innovation, but innovation is not tall, but with you I don’t believe, please see. Bonus innovation in the side, the 1 line of Henan made technological innovation brings dividends, in fact, around. According to the latest data, every day, Zhengzhou Metro Line 1 departure times of 282 times, nearly 400 thousand of people ride. However, you may not know, in the construction and operation of Zhengzhou Metro Line 1, the main mechanical and electrical technology products, basically from the province’s rail transport industry strategic alliance owned enterprises. The use of shield tunnelling made of iron equipment, large screen operation time monitoring and safety of subway signal system from the brilliant technology, like all over the subway like neurons electrical facilities from XJ Group, PSD and AFC system from CSIC 713 appearance, full of cultural elements in Henan subway train the Luoyang CSR assembly, etc.. This example shows that innovation is not far away from us. Xie Fuzhan said, we want to continue to focus on the deployment of industrial chain innovation chain this work, and constantly improve the overall competitiveness of the industry. The advantage and direction of industrial development in our province, strengthen the major technical research in key areas, the weak link in the industrial chain, accelerate the formation of deployed around the industry chain innovation chain, promoting good situation through value chain innovation chain. "Three steps"]2020 years, and strive to become the center of innovation and development of the "top students", but at present in the country’s "innovation list", the province is also a "secondary students". It is reported that, at present, the province’s overall innovation ability in the middle reaches of the country, there is a big gap with the advanced areas. The main problems are: the main innovation is not strong, innovation platform is not enough, lack of innovative talents, innovation mechanism is not active, innovation environment is not good. Data will speak. From the investment in science and technology, our province R & D investment in 2015 accounted for 1.19% of GDP, only 1/2 of the country; from the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, in 2015 the total national technology trade reached 983 billion 500 million yuan, while the province is only 4 billion 164 million yuan, accounting for 0.42% of the country, compared with the surrounding provinces also have a large gap from the number of high-tech; enterprises, the province’s total of 1353 high-tech enterprises, less than 2% of the total; high level innovative leading talent is extremely scarce, academicians, national people plan and a large gap with the surrounding Hubei, Anhui and other provinces. At top speed, catch up. Our province has put forward the strategic goal of "three steps" of innovation and development: to 2020.相关的主题文章: