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The implementation of the Zhengzhou purchase credit limit part of buyers into the wait state of Zhengzhou to implement the purchase of credit limit, buy a set of 2 million houses, Shoufu need to take 200 thousand part of buyers into the wait state key |10 2 months from the date of purchase, the implementation of the real estate market in Zhengzhou city. October 3rd onwards, the tightening of credit policy in Zhengzhou, the purchase of the region’s first suite down payment ratio rose to 30%. This is following the September 14th Zheng nine, 6700 acres of commercial residential land supply in September 30th, the Zhengzhou municipal government issued a series of major regulatory policies. As the regulation of the real estate market, the two weapon, the introduction of the purchase of credit limit policy means? Who are affected? Zhengzhou real estate market in the future there will be changes? Yesterday, the reporter interviewed the relevant departments and industry in Zhengzhou. Part of the market | buyers start watching the second-hand housing transactions or affected yesterday, although the eleven holiday has not yet ended, but because the credit limit restriction policy, the Zhengzhou real estate market has also been some changes. As the saying goes, the real estate market "golden nine silver ten", many developers will choose to open in 9 at the end of the beginning of October, but the current market situation is not optimistic. In October 1st, located in Zhengzhou Jianshe Road City, a real estate opening day, launched more than 100 housing units, as of October 7th, to the rate of 80%, and did not appear the opening day sold out, and the contrast before the project mentioned sales use more "hot" and "more time to push the words". Reporters then call the sales offices of a number of real estate projects to understand the situation, many marketing manager told reporters that the sales situation is not very good during the eleven, are reluctant to mention. A villa project marketing person in charge told reporters that due to limited credit policy, although the villa projects not within the scope of the restriction, but the proportion Shoufu increase, has become one of the reasons for the purchase of the villa crowd into a wait state, "villa total higher, up 10% of the first payment, may be 500 thousand to 1 million. This is the need to prepare the cash flow". In the vicinity of the West Third Ring Road in Zhengzhou and a sales department, the reporter found that the house is still a lot of showings. Mr. Niu said he was from Xu Changlai, Zhengzhou, restriction, limited credit policy did not stop for foreigners to buy the first suite in Zhengzhou, he in order to invest, ready to buy a house, in the long term, is still very optimistic about the real estate market in Zhengzhou. "The day will be more than and 20 groups of customers, now a day is ten group", October 7th, the way a real estate intermediary shop responsible person Mr. Miao told reporters that the credit limit restriction policy after the release, there is a part of buyers into the wait state, the rapid decline in turnover, because the two part of the customer suite restrictions transaction can only be "aborted", but also customers because of limited credit policy Shoufu increased, probably because can’t afford Shoufu, cause the transaction to fail". | purchase according to the household registration policy, the first suite down ratio rose to 30% in October 1st at 10 pm, the Zhengzhou municipal government issued the "Circular on the implementation of property purchase restrictions in some area of Zhengzhou city" (hereinafter referred to as the "notice"). theory相关的主题文章: