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Zhejiang night emergency anti typhoon emergency water Oujiang (Figure) – Sohu news currently 330 National weathering sections of water more, the transportation sector is overnight pumping water in the street. @ Lishui released Zhejiang Wenzhou, Lishui and other places in the middle of the night emergency anti typhoon rescue. @ Lishui morning news released in September 29th, 29, around midnight, Lishui City, Qingtian County Deputy Secretary of the county daibang and issued an emergency notice in the County flood control command center, the Ou river water level continued to rise, for Ounan street, Hecheng street, Wenxi town and other places of the 3 people in half an hour to the underground garage all vehicles move to safety. The circular urged the public to take time to act, to minimize the losses caused by the typhoon. According to @ Zhejiang released in September 29th by the news, "catfish" typhoon, Wenzhou Lishui heavy rain locally heavy rain. It is reported that, at 8 on September 27th to 28, 22, the province’s surface rainfall of 81 mm, the rainfall in Wenzhou, Lishui, 202 mm, mm. Expect the night to the morning of September 29th, part of southern Zhejiang have heavy rain, local heavy rain in Northern Zhejiang; part of a storm; Zhejiang area and coastal waters are still 8-9 winds. [more] Reading typhoon "catfish" to bring high winds and heavy rainfall in Wenzhou, Wenzhou around the frequent danger. In September 28th 18, Wenzhou city decided to anti typhoon emergency response will be promoted to grade I. The meteorological department suggested that the South Eastern Taishun and Western Pingyang, Wencheng disaster grade meteorological high risk, need to pay attention to the prevention of small watershed flood, disaster geological disasters, and should pay attention to the prevention of coastal and inland wind disaster. 340 thousand people were affected in Cangnan Beijing News the evening of September 28th, typhoon "catfish effect", Cangnan County, Wenzhou City rainstorm disaster. Up to now, the county affected population reached 340 thousand people, direct economic losses of $504 million 500 thousand. Cangnan is located in the southernmost tip of Zhejiang, the 17 typhoon this year, "catfish effect", as the evening of 28 to 22, the county average of 243 mm of rainfall, which western mountainous areas average rainfall of 360 mm, 400 mm of rainfall in the site more than 5, the maximum 24 hour rainfall of 578 mm; County impoundment rate has been to 95%. It is reported that heavy rain has caused 14 towns in Cangnan 19 towns affected, the affected population of 340 thousand people, animal husbandry and fishery affected 10130 hectares; 76 enterprises stop production downtime, highway interrupted 8 power outages, 22; damaged dikes 45, revetment 120, irrigation facilities 152, hydrological station 15, as of at present, the county caused a direct economic loss of 504 million 500 thousand yuan, the other 40857 people were transferred. Wencheng Shuang GUI Xiang 6 missing Zhejiang online news September 29th, by the 17 typhoon this year, "catfish" effect, causing long time strong rainfall, Shuang GUI Xiang Baofeng village Wencheng County 6 houses were destroyed by mudslides, killing 6 people missing. After the incident, the county government attaches great importance to immediately sent a rescue team to carry out search and rescue overnight, the current search and rescue work is being carried out. Pingyang Town, the town of 170 thousand power outages.相关的主题文章: