Zhejiang, 3 million samples obtained Laolai characteristics 40-49 years old male undergraduate colle-webquest

Zhejiang, 3 million samples obtained Laolai characteristics: 40-49 years old college undergraduate males what Laolai portrait of nearly 3 million specimens obtained based on long? Yesterday, sesame credit according to the Supreme People’s court dishonest debtor (LAI) released data, the first domestic Laolai large image data. Including Zhejiang, the eastern region of Laolai "portrait" most is this: 40 to 49 years old, male, or some college or Bachelor degree. According to the Supreme Court issued disciplinary data, sesame credit also the no small force in Discipline: as of September 27th, Lai Lai has disciplinary sesame credit more than 540 thousand people, more than 35 thousand people have to pay off the debt. According to the data, as of the end of August this year, the total limit of Laolai train more than 155 times; flying more than 470 times; the national industry and commerce at all levels, market regulators to limit the debtor as the legal representative, directors, supervisors and a total of 66954 passengers. The sex ratio of Lai, more men than women are not reliable. Men accounted for the total number of Lai Lai 3/4. Look from the age distribution, 40 to 49 year old middle-aged people are most likely to fall into the credit crisis as borrowers, accounted for 35%. Higher education does not mean high credit. In educational statistics of 400 thousand old Lai, with a college degree of Laolai accounted for 37.24%, followed by the students, accounting for 33.36%, third secondary school accounted for 25.15%. Master Laolai accounted for 3.68%, while the overall, the base is small, but there are also 0.34%. In terms of geographical distribution, the number of old Lai of eastern region is higher than the western region. Experts said that this is because more frequent commercial activities in the eastern region, the level of awareness of the rights of the people is also higher, so the number of cases large base. For example, Jiangsu and Zhejiang annually on economic disputes, debt disputes case number in more than 1 million, while the western provinces generally maintained at about 200 thousand. The highest signing method and sesame credit, provide Laolai information through the line started in July 2015. In order to verify whether the credit is affected, then set off the peak of sesame credit Laolai query. Tracking data show that on Sesame credit query rate is 12 times higher than the other groups. After the old data is synchronized to the sesame sesame credit, credit to the debtor as a negative message, to promote its performance. Comparative data show that the negative information disclosure so that the late user performance ratio increased by 2 times. Joint Disciplinary form an effective deterrent to lai. Beijing, a seven year old Lai nonperfomed, a "China auto rental car refused, did not know he was included in the supreme law of old Lai list a number of services for hotels, air tickets booking will be affected, then immediately gather together the money to pay back the money.相关的主题文章: