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Zhangzhou 30 cars smashed the typhoon night crime is no occupation moral windows smashed into the car, there are some signs of turning. Yesterday morning, parked in a row in Zhangzhou City Zhang Hua Lu Yang Jun Wu a roadside car suffered a disaster". According to preliminary statistics, more than 30 vehicles smashed. To the owners, even worse, because yesterday at 4 pm coincides with typhoon "catfish" landing in Fujian, heavy rain will pour like these vehicles. Pick the crime in the typhoon, the owners have accused the suspect even the thief smashed cars are not "occupation morality". After the incident, the Public Security Bureau Xiangcheng synthetic operations center and the criminal investigation brigade rushed to the scene investigation. Police said the vehicle windows are destroyed, and the vehicle part items have been the turning marks, but not the owner said valuables stolen. At present, Xiangcheng police investigation, the case is under further investigation. Police remind the majority of owners, outdoor parking, as far as possible to stop the car in the standard area, the car as far as possible not to place valuables. Herald reporter correspondent Chen Guo Qin to Ma相关的主题文章: