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Zhang Yishan Yang Zi the same night intimate interactive users: box together, Zhang Yishan Yang Zi today (28) morning, Yang Zi and Zhang Yishan a group photo in micro-blog Po, issued a document "in which"? And @ each other, then Zhang Yishan also Po and said "on your side", photos of two intimate action, selling all kinds of adorable and funny. After the fans have said "together", "sister changed a couple is good", "you stand CP". Earlier, Zhang Yishan and Yang Zi in a public occasion tease each other under. The first is Zhang Yishan forwarded a group shoot for a magazine photo, fans have commented "I was up to". Zhang Yishan laughed: "I can not tease you, not for your responsibility, let me turn my agent, want to take idol drama over here." However, this group of photos, also attracted to the "forward and praised Yang Zi’s sister snow": "I go to! You are so handsome!" Zhang Yishan responded: "come and see how much she adores me, how much I love you, how much I love her, and I am her male god!" In the face of Zhang Yishan’s "sister Liao offensive", Yang Zi joked: "the man of God? Male nerve? Oh, that really is!"相关的主题文章: