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Zhang Xueliang, the son of Liu Guiwu jioubu his father died to cry – Beijing, Beijing, Baotou, August 30, (Li Aiping Zhao Dianwu) "I shot the film through many parts of the country, this place has not come…… So many years, always wanted to come here to see." The 86 year old Liu Qingtang said excitedly in the martyrdom of father before, then tears trickling down cheeks. Liu Qingtang is shocked by the "Xi’an incident" and one hero Guiwu son of Liu jiang. The former Central Newsreel and documentary film studio for many years old, his father died two days ago – the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Guyang County, Baotou city Chili oil pole village. In 1924, the Northeast Army (the Northeast Army of the Republic of China is the only Chinese air sea and land preparation complete Army) Liu Guiwu, Zhang Xueliang jioubu, and in the "Xi’an incident" in a catch Jiang one hero. In September 1937 was to enter the Suiyuan Guisui, in the battle of repeatedlyspectacular. In April 22, 1938, the Japanese suffered attacks killed in Inner Mongolia Chili oil pole village, only 36 years old. In the "80 anniversary of the Xi’an incident" on the occasion, Liu Qingtang and his family came to miss my father died. In Chili oil pole Village West Beach, by the Baotou Municipal Administration of cultural relics of the Northeast Army Construction has commenced the Sui northern battle monument. Liu Qingtang and his family are buried here to the Anti Japanese soldiers bowed in silence. In view of the scene, his father had sacrificed the procedure and the rest of the family courtyard, Liu Qingtang looking solemn, into infinite grief, the villagers heard about general Liu Guiwu spend their last night here introduced, could not help tears. Liu Qingtang stroked his father lived in the old house wall said: "now, remember when I play naked, to see him after the shame he ran into the house scene." "I think of my father. He died here, so miserable. His life is too short, very heartache." Liu Qingtang specially from collapsing walls took two lumps, carefully in his hand, he said he wanted to bring back as a permanent memorial. In the village, Liu Qingtang met Wu Xiuzhen when he was informed of his father’s sacrifice and the old man Fan Runfu. The two old men of Liu Qingtang with his father Liu Guiwu tells the ins and outs of sacrifice. When he learned that Liu Guiwu after the sacrifice, the Japanese bayonets bully Wu Xiuzhen his wife Li Yaofei Liu Guiwu, cutting head, Liu Qingtang looking solemn, keep smoking. "I’ll come again." For a long time, Liu Qingtang said to the two men, then once again shed tears. (end)相关的主题文章: