Zall Challenge Cup finals ended to inject vitality into the young Chinese football-pullip

Zall Challenge Cup finals ended to Chinese into 2016 "the vitality of the young drow Football Cup" national football challenge students match the national finals ended source: Wuhan zall occupation football club in September 29th, 2016 "Thatcher Cup" National High School Football Challenge national finals in Hubei, Wuhan zall occupation football club ended Wuhan City, the twelfth middle school won the men’s championship, Chongqing City, Banan high school won the women’s champion. The Central Committee Secretary Fu Zhenbang, vice governor of Hubei province Guo Shenglian, the executive chairman Al Fate · Erkin Liu Zhongchu, Deputy Secretary General of the provincial government, the provincial Party Secretary Zhang Guihua group, provincial Party committee deputy secretary Jin Peng, deputy director of the Provincial Sports Bureau Zhang Jin, provincial Football Association official and other leaders and guests to watch the final, attended the closing ceremony and visit. Wuhan zall occupation football club. In order to implement the overall scheme of Chinese football reform and development, promoting the popularization and promotion of middle school campus football, from the beginning of 2015, sponsored by the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League School Department, the National Federation Secretariat, China Middle School Sports Association, Hubei Provincial Federation, zall holding limited company to undertake "Thatcher Cup" national high school football challenge. The 2016 annual football challenge match has area according to the schedule in July -8 months in the eastern area and western area, south area, north area and central area of 5 regions, 100 teams contest high school boys soccer team, and finally into the 15 winning team finals. At the closing ceremony, the referee announced the results. The twelfth Middle School of Wuhan City, Xinjiang Atushi one in Chongqing City, seventh middle school respectively won the men’s top three, Chongqing City, Banan middle school, Dalate city’s seventh Ordos Middle School of Xinjiang, Hotan City, the fourth middle school won the women’s top three group respectively. Leaders and guests for the winning team and the best shooter, best goalkeeper, best style award team and individual awards, while announced the winning list of football cultural creativity. At the closing ceremony speech, Thatcher holdings chairman Yan Zhi thanks to the strong support of the tournament’s Central Committee, Hubei Province, Wuhan City, and to the trust and support of the drow. He said that youth football is an important part of Chinese football and the hope of the future, only have a strong team of youth football, football can be China towards the world, Thatcher will fully support the development of youth and youth football. Zall holding two consecutive years of sponsorship "Thatcher Cup" national high school football challenge match, the leadership of the organization in the central mission, actively carry out related services, held to provide good logistical support for the final success. The game fully demonstrates the style of Chinese youth football, and promote the level of youth football in Hubei, Wuhan, but also for the future of Chinese football into a new passion and vitality.相关的主题文章: