Yu Xu she’s been training for 1 months to wear rotten shoes more than the last 10 years-winbook

Miss Yu Xu: she’s 1 months training shoes are worn over the past 10 years is much more than the original title: Xu teacher Lan Biqun Yu Xu teacher Lan Biqun: one month training worn out shoes worn over the past ten years also November Chongqing middle school, golden ginkgo falling, with a few clusters of sadness. The students access to the school gate by twos and threes, can occasionally hear, they are talking about the frequent Shi Jieyu circle of friends and micro-blog. The last time was Shijie scraper, during less than half a month before the Zhuhai airshow. "She is our Chongzhou airshow and indissoluble bound, we are proud of Chongzhou." Yu Xu high school teacher Lan Biqun, talking about their own students, always remember that graduation is quiet, and full of vitality. More than and 10 years ago, Xu Yu in high school, and the other girls, love love beautiful dress, always too big. "But in my eyes, she is outstanding. At first glance, profound words, tall face always smiling." Lan Biqun Yu Xu said, there is little naughty high school, "love to chew gum, said to face. I corrected her." To the third year, we are planning for their future plans, Yu Xu but longing for the blue sky. "In addition to art school, Yu Xu had a desire to fly in the blue sky, had planned to apply for flight attendants." When the pilot recruitment notice that Yu Xu also came to find blue Biqun comments. "I know she is a person who likes to challenge myself, and I know she likes it, so I encourage her to try it." Try holding the attitude, Yu Xu participated in the 2005 pilot test, from the time she was 200 thousand female candidates Li Tuo Ying, one of the last 25 finalists. However, the hardships of the pilot’s hard to imagine. The first month after college, Lanzhou Biqun Yu Xu received a phone call from side to side about the status of teacher reports, training hard, "she told me, in that one month training worn out shoes, more than ten years worn at home." Although hard, in the blue Biqun heart, this Chongzhou girl still retains the tenacity, adhere to their career love. The same year selected the female pilots, some turn to ground staff, "she would also have the opportunity to go to other posts, but she was not willing to. May be because there is a "Asahi" name, and this life is destined to become attached to the blue sky." After a few seconds, the blue Biqun sighed softly, "but I hope that she can go home safely." Niece Zhu Zhi ya: aunt is always an example to know that the young aunt will not go home to hold her to tell the story of the blue sky, 8 year old Zhu Ya into his mother’s arms crying. On the afternoon of November 12th, Zhu Youbin and his wife learned that the younger sister of the news of the death of her husband, hesitated for a while, only to tell her daughter, aunt aircraft accident, no aunt Yu Xu, Yu Ying." Zhu Youbin told reporters, in her daughter’s heart, aunt has been the same as the existence of an example. Just on the primary school she always wanted to emulate the aunt, aunt wanted to become as good people." Because of Yu Xu’s encouragement, Zhu Zhiya positive performance, and the students run for the captain. In mother Kay相关的主题文章: