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Yu Qian for Busan red burst   Busan line or a sequel to uncle to participating? Jiangxi Channel – people.com.cn original title: Yu Qian for Busan red burst Busan line or a sequel to the uncle to be participating? Yu Qian and uncle in the accident became popular, this is not because the comic is not because of love but starring Yu Qian, Busan line to let uncle when a movie star addiction. Recently, the South Korean film "Busan line" cited the ratings frenzy, but many sharp eyed Netizens found inside the actor and comedian Yu Qian was very similar. In this regard, Yu Qian in the online issue comparison chart, a group of two people and with the text: "I am a Xiamen man said to me, brother recently you fire him! You know this is a pot, Busan line! What a mess!" Yu Qian estimates now everyone knows "Busan" in the tough fat uncle, he is a Dongxi, when entering showbiz is because there is a professional film and brother, has a special liking for the movie, after opening the movie tour. In his film career, he played a variety of roles, can be tough, can be very warm, but also very funny. In 2005, the military action "and" science fiction comedy debut, the film tells the story of a few people came to North Korea through time and space, to help Li Shunchen achieve victory in the war in the story, then he began to show the characteristics of funny guy. After the start of the green life for 11 years, although there are several starring, but most of them are cameos, some even supporting are not, as in the movie "star’s crime and the crime of the war", Dongxi Ma Gang thugs "gold master". The horse can be found Dongxi many films are in the surface is very rude and overbearing, but the heart is very warm, warm heart role, feeling like character appeared, may look handsome enough, so he has been in the leaves, if not the "Busan line" suddenly hot, he was not such a high degree of concern. (commissioning editor Lorna and Mao Siyuan)相关的主题文章: