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Book-Reviews Someone who is attending college know very well that college textbooks is one of the biggest expenses he or she can face. This is why college students are constantly finding ways to save money on textbooks. A big help is the advent of the Internet, where you can find many options to get cheaper textbooks. One of these options is getting your books from college bookstores online. Other ways of saving money on books are enumerated below. Consider buying used college textbooks. This is a sure method of saving money, because used textbooks are always priced lower. If you check at college bookstores, prices of used books are 25% -40% lower than new books. The used books condition is one factor that affects its price. There are instances when you might not be able to examine the books, because some book sellers select the texts for you. Bookstores get their used books from the students who have finished using them. So if you can buy a book from a student before it is brought to the bookstore for resell, it is likely that you can get it for much less than the amount you will pay for it at the bookstore. Consider renting books. Today, it is .mon for some college bookstores to rent college textbooks. The price is lower than used books, but you cant keep it after the end of the semester; the book must be returned to the bookstore. Most bookstores charge 49% of a new book price for their rental. Bookstores have varying rental policies, and there are some that allow you to put notes on the texts or highlight them. The option of renting books may work well for students who do not plan to have the books for keeps, but is not ideal for those who love to keep books even after the classes are over. Consider buying online. Many years ago, the students college textbook buying options were limited to only on-campus or off-campus bookstores. Today, there are many online college bookstores where you can get college textbooks and at even lower prices. The presence of many online bookstores on the web makes it cumbersome for anyone to search them all. However, one of the best places to go when you are looking for a book is the site of the Bigwords… It uses its search functions to go over online book retailers and gives you the option to buy all your textbooks from many retailers or from only one. If you do your shopping online, you can get your books at a sum which is much lower than campus bookstores and also includes shipping costs. You may also receive a coupon courtesy of the retailer. When you are shopping online, be as informed as you can be, to avoid being scammed. The advancement of the inter. has also allowed for scammers to freely do their trade, part people from their money and not get caught. Remember, smart shoppers will never allow the cost of college books to take a bite so big out of their money. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: