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Yangzhou naked brother "soaked in cold water pipe repair only wearing an underwear Yangzhou naked brother cold soaked in the water pipe repair only wearing a pair of underwear on the afternoon of 24, a male workers shirtless photos in the cold tap water pipe repair ditch, circle of friends in Yangzhou heat transfer. Some netizens message: so cold days, wearing only a pair of underwear, looked at the cold! 25, Yangzi Evening News reporter learned that, "naked brother" from Yangzhou city tap water company installation company, when an emergency situation, in order to shorten the construction time, to restore the water supply as soon as possible, reduce the loss of production of key enterprises, he made more than and 40 minutes in cold water until finish the homework. The reporter understands, the winter clothes launching operations, for the "naked brother" and not for the first time. In 2016, on the eve of the Spring Festival, "a colleague came brother" once in the snow ice water soak for more than 2 hours! Yangzi Evening News reporter Chen Yong photo of the story of 24 in Yangzhou, the lowest temperature close to freezing point. In a repair site, a staff naked upper body, wearing only a pair of underwear, bent in a width of about 1 meters in the ditch operations, sometimes with both hands in the water to explore, and sometimes play the tool to tap in the water. So in the cold water soak for more than and 40 minutes to finish the homework. The online posting is "naked brother" workers Wang Yougang, he told reporters, "naked brother" named Zhang Fugan, more than and 40 years old this year. They come from Suqian, are in Yangzhou city water company installation company. Often, I did not expect the post "make" out of such a big move "winter water work, we often do, I did not expect this post ‘downtown’ out of such a big move!" 25, the reporter contacted the post of master Wang Yougang, the "naked brother for 40 minutes in the cold water" in the ordinary view "amazing courage" behavior, he is very calm. "In fact, was launched yesterday and a big brother, named Zhang smooth, more than and 50 years old, a sudden, Zhang Shunli did not take off clothes on the water, then we feel that he is old, afraid of him too much, call him up, Zhang Fugan stripped water." Wang Yougang said. Wang Yougang told reporters, 24 PM, they work in Hongyang Road, the Yangtze River Road West about 500 meters in a culvert construction, need a demolition of old pipeline under the road, then at both ends of the pipeline installed on the plug, thus ensuring the normal water supply pipe ends. In accordance with normal procedures, should first close the valve, blocking the upstream runoff, then the demolition of the old pipe, plug. Due to the long life of the valve, off immortality, the pipeline has been water, and do not know where the fracture. This delay will affect the water supply to nearby businesses. And there are two key enterprises, there is no water, then the production line can not be normal production, one minute later, there will be no small loss, the company is very anxious. In desperation, Zhang Shunli dived into the water fully clothed. Since then, Zhang Fugan distressed eldest brother, took off his clothes under the water. After a period of time, the hand to explore the fracture, the plug on the upper surface, and then the machine will block the head of death, the completion of the closure of the fracture"相关的主题文章: