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Yancheng reproduction touching scene and the wind picked up the money is also the owner of million yuan in cash on the street, they help pick up the goods. A few days ago, such a warm scene staged again in Yancheng. As early as February 9, 2014 and in July 31st of this year, the streets of Yancheng took place on the streets of the public to get cash, in the case of good people to help find a good example. "News broadcast" "focus" "news broadcast" such as CCTV news program are to thick and heavy in colours were reported. "I really want to thank them! Braving the wind and snow to help me pick up the money." In November 25th, the reporter saw the neighborhood residents of Dongtai City five strong Zhen Lian Yi Community in the town of Yang Jiawang, about two days before it happened, he still moved. The morning of November 23rd 11, snowy, temperature sudden cold, 63 year old Yang Jiawang with 30 thousand yuan in cash to Lian Yi Branch Post Office savings. Grandson house to pay the money, ready to call him today, I went to the post office on the battery car." Yang Jiawang said that his home is not far away from the post office, 30 thousand yuan in cash for a bundle of simple things, into the jacket, caught in the left arm below. To the post office, Yang stopped when the battery car, the right hand can not make a hand, his left arm just lift up to prepare to stop, 30 thousand yuan in cash fell down, and was blown away by the wind. "Money is blowing everywhere, as if under the ‘money rain’, helplessly watching his money was blown away, scattered everywhere." Yang Jiawang recalls the scene, "I yelled," I lost my money! I lost my money!" It was 11:25 in the morning, after only 5 minutes from the post office. The reception end of a client’s window staff Sun Lijuan was ready to drink hot tea to moisten the throat, he heard the cry of the hall outside yang. Sun Lijuan too late to think, put down the cup rushed out to help the elderly pick up money. The invisible water hidden in the snow, Sun Lijuan just kept picking up money, don’t care about stepping in a puddle. Sun Lijuan’s colleagues, such as Peng Xin also lend a helping hand, do not worry, I help you look at the scene, the money can not be." Peng Xin comforted Yang Jiawang, standing in the rain and snow in the "supervision". At this time, more and more people to participate in the team pick up the money, 30 thousand yuan scattered together in the crowd finally returned, after the inventory, a lot of nothing. "When the little girl off the shoes all wet, take your shoes off dumped several times before leaving the water." Yang Jiawang was touched and felt warm. Because the paper money was wet and could not be saved, Yang Jiawang had to go home with the money. 3 pm, 30 thousand Yuan Yang with his simple drying once again came to the postal service hall. Branch secretary Zong Liqin saw the old man money is still a little damp, a lot of money but with a muddy, currency-counting machine not counting, will personally go into battle, the words "manual operation". "While holding a paper towel to clean the dirty money, while money can be spent a lot of time." Yang said guiltily, because of his negligence of so many people he was really busy, sorry. He wrote a letter of thanks, to express my sincere gratitude to all the staff offices "helping others and the people of the spirit. In fact, it is a very common thing, who will encounter a helping hand." This year, 24 year old Sun Lijuan said his entry for more than two years, when the unit"相关的主题文章: