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Xu Yunlong: Sohu sports began the last home court in the 2016 season the other team open contract is normal when teachers can first before Zhou Ting bid farewell to the national security, and he was probably not only a farewell veteran: the message says today, existing domestic club captain Xu Yunlong in an open contract, he will do leave for national security. Like Zhou Ting, Xu Yunlong does not want to retire, but want to go to other teams to continue their football career. In the country, spent 18 years of Xu Yunlong, really want to say goodbye? This afternoon at SIR, called Xu Yunlong, to leave the rumors, Xu Yunlong gave his answer: "how do you say, now I still nominally Guoan players, after all, I have a contract until December 31st this year. Because my contract does not belong to Shao Jiayi, and the club now also works in the final stage of the reform, so next season many things are still unknown, even next season who still do not know what work, so some things can not talk about." "So the outside world has been the team to give you a contract is true?" Thanks for asking SIR, Xu Yunlong said: "I think it is also normal, after all, before the teacher in the national security when I can first, now can not play, plus the contract expires at the end of the year, outside think I might go to open, so the contract is also normal." However, Xu Yunlong said, now take a good rest, the contract did not think so much". For this from 1998 to enter the team, has been in the national security team has been 18 years, the captain’s attitude is very clear. "Of course we want him to stay, after all, he is also a national security and even Beijing football banner." Club honorary chairman Luo Ning today on at SIR said: "but football occupation always faces the new old alternant, athletes must face the changing role of old age after. We feel Guoan needs of young, young people also need the opportunity, but also can feel Yunlong kicks. The age of the players, cherish their time to play, I also understand, but for a long time not to let young people play, it is unfair to them, so the differences between the two sides here." Look, in addition to the treatment of speculation, stable time and opportunity, which is a big obstacle between Xu Yunlong and national security. In fact, in this matter, we can say who are not wrong: when Xu Yunlong was interviewed before, repeatedly said "hope is the position of young players with the strength of rob in the past, not by me they let out, and today on the phone, Xu Yunlong also repeatedly referred to" I think I can play ". He is still confident about their physical condition. But in the national security club, the 2016 season, Xu Yunlong has been a number of games because of the absence of injury, and then let him play the main question. While Li Lei and Du Mingyang will emerge in the past year, then let the club saw the use of young players in the harvest. It is worth mentioning that the national security in the past few transfer window hoarding more than 89, 91 age players, but also from the new and old team相关的主题文章: