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Xu Linlu inheritance disputes sentencing a famous painter why is hard to stand up on funeral events: Xu Linlu heritage dispute case recently ruled the key point: through sound laws and regulations, to get more celebrity heritage distribution and use reasonable.  , a 4 year old famous painter Xu Linlu legacy dispute case recently sentenced, the second court finds that the will of the will of Xu Linlu, the valuation of all of the estate of the return to the wife of all the 2 billion 100 million of the president of the court of the year of the death of the wife of the court of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the court of the court of justice of the Republic of china. It is worth mentioning that Xu Linlu’s legacy disputes in today’s art world is not the case, Li Keran, Liu Haisu, Wang Shikuo also suffered in after death dispute case. As for Li Keran’s sudden death, did not leave a will, so that the family members of the division of the estate "countless, tangled". Of course, there are many painters in his lifetime has been properly arrange their possessions. For example, in July this year, the opening of the eternal Warrior – to commemorate the 100 anniversary of the birth of Yan Han, the exhibition, the families of the Chinese Art Museum donated a total of 108 pieces of works of Yan Han. It is worth mentioning that this is the third time Yan Han family donated to the Chinese Art Museum father’s work. In addition to China Art Museum, the family also to Lianyungang City Yan Han Art Museum and other public art institutions donated a large number of prints. Son Yan Dong also mentioned that "will continue to state donated works, one does not leave." Originally, Yan Han afraid of their own works are scattered all over, especially to see peer version of the artist later in his life, holding the old man’s original uncontrolled copy, the money to sell, so before all the property to the East Yan custody, and bequeath to donate all his son. In dealing with family problems, collectors Ma is a wise men. Many years ago he will house a good thing to consider, and even the early son showdown, said housing, car and other fixed assets can be left to his son, but does not include all the collections of the museum. He said, I hope these collections become social assets, which can be accepted by the society to enjoy, "I don’t want to derive any dispute after death." These unpaid donation behavior and frequently reported celebrity dispute in stark contrast to the "rich value hidden" into a "national treasure", intact, let more people appreciate, so ordinary people can do an exemplary conduct and nobility of character, indeed admirable. Regardless of whether the donation artist should in his proper arrangements for the property, not in the impetuous heart after death because people become the people at leisure entertainment. In fact, in the United States and Europe, through the heritage of sound laws and regulations more reasonable distribution and use, celebrities often have awareness of the law, to avoid his legacy disputes through a will in advance. Zhang Shou相关的主题文章: