Xinyang girl suffering from encephalitis was cruel parents abandoned hospital once. soojin

Xinyang girl suffering from encephalitis was cruel parents abandoned hospital once dying five year-old girl suffering from encephalitis cruel parents abandoned recently, a 5 year old girl was admitted to Xinyang Huaibin People’s Hospital, when children have a fever and convulsion symptoms in shallow coma. This girl is Zheng Xia Yu. In came to Huaibin People’s Hospital before she had been diagnosed as viral encephalitis in Fuyang Second People’s Hospital and Huaibin People’s Hospital suggested a very critical condition, referral. Zheng Xiayu’s father said to his song County home to raise money, after leaving the hospital has no return. At present, Zheng Xiayu was admitted to hospital Pediatrics, and carried out the reduction of intracranial pressure, stop pumping rescue measures. But due to ill, the child is still frequent convulsions. No family in the side, the hospital department of Pediatrics nurses who served as the responsibility of the family, to Zheng Xiayu bed nets, scrub, full care. With the patient’s family also help to buy diapers for her. In order to let the child as soon as possible to get a proper treatment, the hospital has two contact with the Song County, he said he did not have the ability to treat the child, so that the hospital". Zheng Xiayu said the father of the family has been difficult to go to the hospital on the afternoon of September 18th, the mapping network reporter dialed the phone of her father’s song county. Song Jin said that he wanted to abandon his daughter because of financial difficulties at home, my wife now do not know where to go, the family has three children to support, but also covered the room of the two." Song County said that he has returned to the hospital, and her daughter also woke up from a coma. As for the medical expenses, he said he is still trying to raise money, "the home can sell what sell." The children leave hospital can constitute the crime of abandonment to the public security organs, but seriously ill daughter abandoned his family, Zheng Xiayu’s friends broke the news, caused great repercussions, many netizens said the girls’ parents should face sanctions by the public security organs. To this end, the reporter contacted the mapping network Huaibin county prosecutor’s office, a staff member told reporters before the child’s father abandoned Zheng Xia Yu behavior has constituted the crime of abandonment. But the abandonment crime belongs to the case of private prosecution, the victim needs to court proceedings or report to the public security organs to initiate and intervention. In the case of Zheng Xiayu, if the situation was abandoned by her father, her relatives can sue the public security, if there is no relatives of the hospital after the alarm, the police should investigate. Perhaps Zheng Xiayu’s parents were furious, but the young child was innocent. If you want to help this year only 5 years old but the fate of the girl, you can call the hotline 65889876 mapping network, or the donation into the girls’ father’s bank account 622991156801292873 (account name: Jin county, bank: rural credit cooperatives in Henan province), the mapping network will supervise the whole.相关的主题文章: