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Xinhua International Commentary: racial discrimination in the United States and the pan – Sediment Beijing Xinhua Beijing 9 October Xinhua: racial discrimination in the United States and sediment pan Xinhua recently, the United States television event triggered outrage and insult Chinese, some representatives of ethnic minorities, including Chinese Americans who have taken to the streets to protest. The incident, exposing some people in the United States prejudice and ignorance, ignoring the long-term contribution made by the Chinese American society, touched the red line of racial discrimination in the United states. U.S. congressman Meng Zhaowen may be able to speak on behalf of the common aspirations of ethnic minorities, we are not for fun and entertainment two citizens. Asians, like all other ethnic groups, have contributed to the country, an integral part of American culture". Deliberately take Chinese history that this isn’t the first time. The reason is a part of Chinese historical sediment bias inertia. In the United States, one of the most notorious of the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882. This is the only one in the history of the United States for racial discrimination, exclusion and repression of legal provisions. Although the "Exclusion Act" was abolished in 1943, the U.S. Congress has dragged on for more than half a century after formally on 2012 in the form of legislation on the "Exclusion Act" to apologize, but for Chinese stereotypes are still difficult to eliminate in American society. The melting pot of the United States, regardless of the number of people, all ethnic groups should be an integral part of American culture. Professor of Asian American Studies at the University of California at Los Angeles in the United States Rene? – Tajima Pena view, this reflects the long-term existence of insult to China of American Society of anti Asian sentiment. From a practical point of view, the United States is still difficult to get rid of the problem of racial discrimination. Not only Chinese, African American, Hispanic and other ethnic minorities in the United States and political and social life have suffered discrimination. Ethnic minorities in education, employment and other aspects of access to the same white and white, the gap between ethnic minorities and the white. According to statistics, African Americans have only 1/12 of the wealth of the white, Hispanic is about $1/11. Some critics believe that for many African American and Hispanic American families, the emphasis on equality of opportunity, the American dream is still out of reach. The survey shows that racial relations in the United States in the worst period in nearly 20 years, there are about 61% of Americans think the U.S. race relations worse, especially in the field of law enforcement. The frequent occurrence of minority over white police enforcement, even shot a black tragedy, more evident. Of course, there are some people are more sinister, the use of ethnic minorities involved in the election for political services. The roar of the U.S. presidential election, not only frequent Chinese threat "and" China money ", and even foreign ethnic groups as" illegal immigrants "and" terrorists". At this time, these politicians seem to forget the United States has always advocated freedom and equality and racial integration. It is worth noting that, over the years, in the face of the United States deeply rooted racial discrimination barriers, including ethnic minorities, including ethnic groups, such as the growing awareness of the struggle, more and more.相关的主题文章: