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Xinhua comment: filial piety old, don’t forget to old people "spiritual nourishment" – Fujian Channel – Xinhua comment: original title: filial piety old, don’t forget to old people "spiritual nourishment" often pine today (the 9th day of the ninth month of the Chinese lunar calendar) is China’s traditional festival, the Double Ninth Festival tomorrow (the Gregorian calendar in October 10th) World Mental Health Day once a year. The "guarantee law" provisions of the rights and interests of the elderly in People’s Republic of China "in the 9th day of the ninth month of the Chinese lunar calendar each year for the elderly, but also emphasizes the festival family members should be concerned about the spiritual needs of the elderly, should not be ignored, neglected elderly. Family members who live apart from the elderly should visit or greet the elderly frequently". Since the launch from the World Health Day 1992, the World Psychiatric Association for the elderly mental health launched the "mental health and aging" (1999) and "mental health with aging, happiness and happiness to enjoy life" (2012) two theme. Caring for the elderly mental health has increasingly become an important consensus in China and the world. The mental health status of the elderly "old to fear empty". However, due to the rapid population urbanization of city of our country, "Empty Nester" and "the increasing proportion of elderly people living alone. "Chinese family development report (2015)", Empty Nester accounted for half of the total number of the elderly, the elderly accounted for nearly 10% of the total number of the elderly, the elderly people living with spouse only accounted for 41.9%. Studies have shown that the family of "empty nest" or "hollow" in the elderly mental disorders, anxiety depression and other mental disorders are quite prominent. According to WHO estimates in recent years, the elderly accounted for about 7% of depression in elderly population of about 10%, the incidence of depression in elderly patients with physical diseases as high as 50%. Even a life of depression, suicide ideation and behavior Dutch act. It has been shown that with China’s emphasis on mental health of residents, the population of our country Dutch act rate is gradually decline, but the elderly Dutch act rate does not fall, at least annually in recent five years were 100 thousand and 55 years of age or older Dutch act death, of which 95% of the elderly have different degrees of mental disorders. Thus, the status of mental health of the elderly is not optimistic, improve the elderly mental health mission is still a long way to go. The deterioration of mental health of the elderly due to the deterioration of the mental health of the elderly is a result of a combination of physical, psychological, environmental, social and cultural factors. First of all, with the increase of age, the physiological function of the elderly will generally degenerate rapidly. A large number of studies have shown that physical health has a significant impact on mental health. The increase of the age and the increase of the disease will lead to the decline of the function of each organ in the elderly, and then bring about the problems of cognition, personality, emotion and mental ability. Second, major life events have a profound impact on elderly people’s psychology, such as pension, bereavement, empty nest and disease etc.. In retirement, for example, it makes the most of the elderly social function changed quickly, many elderly people are excluded at the edge of market economy, the social participation of the elderly was gradually reduced, the negative self value sense is strengthened gradually, gradually)相关的主题文章: