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Xingan Meng: to promote the development of global tourism   Leveraging industry transformation and Upgrading — Inner Mongolia channel — even on, Xingan Meng actively implement the important speech and instructions of the Autonomous Region Party Secretary Li Jiheng in Xingan Meng during the study of the spirit, and continuously strengthen the awareness of opportunities, innovation consciousness, cooperation consciousness and open consciousness, adhere to tourism as the leading industry of economy the development of transformation and upgrading, and strive to cultivate tourism as a strategic pillar industry alliance. In the first 9 months of this year, the union showed a good momentum of growth in the number of tourists and tourism revenue growth of two digits. The first 9 months, the total tourism revenue reached $6 billion 50 million, an increase of 22.8%, the number of tourists received a total of 6 million passengers, an increase of 22.6%. Among them, the first 9 months of Arxan’s total tourism revenue reached $3 billion 340 million, an increase of 17%, the number of tourists received a total of 2 million 536 thousand passengers, an increase of 19%. The establishment of the Xingan Meng Tourism Development Committee, Yunnan province and other places to learn from the development model of tourism industry and the advanced experience, and actively promote the alliance inside and around the Union City and Mongolia’s tourism resources optimization, interactive development, efforts to build a new pattern of global tourism development. Invites domestic and international high-end tourism planning and tourism development planning design team, high standards and high quality in the preparation of a global, and strive to cultivate brand driven through the characteristics of global tourism development, and strive to build Arxan into a tourist resort famous at home and abroad, better radiating other counties tourism to achieve differentiation, characteristic development. To speed up the upgrading of existing scenic spots, promote Arxan promotion Chai River Scenic Area 5A level scenic spots, National Geological Park in Arxan World Geological Park, focus on cultivating a number of distinctive products. Deepen cooperation with docking CDB and National Development Finance Association, accelerate the "Arxan forum" and "Asian NGO Forum Beijing Museum" and head of construction of leisure. Strengthen cooperation with Kunming and other tourist cities in the region, the establishment of inter governmental cooperation and coordination mechanisms for tourism, and actively promote the development of two tourist routes, and strive to achieve market share and customer delivery. Constantly improve the tourism channel and scenic ring highway, accelerate the water river channel, to the best of Sen Tianchi yangshugou tourism highway construction. The travel related highway, railway and civil aviation, urban infrastructure, agriculture and animal husbandry forest water construction projects included in the overall planning and special planning "in 13th Five-Year. Start the tourist service center, self driving tourism system, promote the toilet revolution, improve star hotels, shopping centers, restaurants, entertainment and other ancillary services. The positive development of Mongolian Yuan culture, red culture, folk culture, forest farming culture tourism, accelerate the development of local characteristics of fine arts project and loved by tourists, participate in strong cultural tourism projects, to create a new tourist spot. To support the development of the farmhouse, animal husbandry Kellogg, forest tourism and rural tourism, rural tourism vacation belt around the city, combined with the characteristics of small town and rural tourism town construction, support a foundation of the rural development of rural tourism, to get rich income. Foster the development of sports tourism, packaging launched hot springs and snow, low altitude flying, self driving camping, climbing, horse riding, and a number of large market potential tourist products. Vigorously develop ecological health相关的主题文章: