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Xie Feng said it did not reach the relegation fractional Zhang Chengdong pleased to team with Sohu sports HD: Zhang Chengdong hand bandaged and preparing for the national security we talked about Ma IL Beijing time on Friday September 9, 2016 19:35, the twenty-fourth round of Super League, Beijing Guoan will be away at Shanghai port. The end of a short offseason, the Super League to war. The road in the face of Hong Kong, the two teams have players during alive preliminaries were called up to the national team, Beijing Guoan is the three foreign aid played on behalf of their national team, and the key players in the very great degree about the result of the match. The offseason after the first match, as soon as possible back into the game is very important. Xie Feng at the press conference said: Hong Kong is a strong team in the Super League, the club in recent years, investment is large, there is a very good offensive player, currently ranked first league goals, we must first do the defensive game tomorrow. Now the scores have reached the relegation scores, so each of us are very important, go all out to win the game tomorrow. Zhang Chengdong said: the intermittent period of team training for two games we have everything in good order and well arranged, September, intensive schedule, fitness coach group made specific arrangements. Time is two and a half months after injury, finally can follow the team squad.相关的主题文章: