Xi’an Metro Line 3 sunrise challenge start running friends for the public front-doat

Xi’an Metro Line 3 sunrise challenge start running friends for the public before the big photo Xi’an metro line three is the backbone of Xi’an rail transit network planning network. Xi’an subway is also the only one in the near future planning elevated line. Northeast of Xi’an Metro Line 3 is connected with the Xi’an International Port District, southwest of the high-tech zone extends to the fish of the village, a total length of 39.9 kilometers, the Xi’an subway lines are also members of the public to become the most beautiful line. Xi’an metro line three, the full opening and operation of the occasion, as love life, the pursuit of a healthy run, I hope to meet the three line in a unique way, and in order to promote green travel, low-carbon life, health movement of Xi’an enkephalin running club will spontaneously organize Xi’an runners. A running There was no parallel in history. public welfare activities. A public organization running "Xi’an enkephalin run group organized" the 2016 EP group ran the Xi’an metro line three sunrise night running challenge "in 13, 0 in the morning in the western part of Xi’an metro line three station starting point" Yu Hua Zhai run, it is understood that this event will be along the metro line three the process running from the "fish village station" to "new building" throughout the station, nearly 40 kilometers, the number of participants reached a total of nearly 150 people, of which 100 contestants running, as well as volunteers, leading members of the team as nearly 50 people. The activities were set up throughout the group, half group, 10 km, 5 km group group, which challenge the whole nearly 42 kilometers to reach the number of the half, and one of the highlights of this event is packet relay, each participant in different positions in different time gathering, waiting for a group to post and with a further down relay station, the whole team from small to large, gathering strength in the final setting the hearts of the people, brought together five kilometers rally points into 100 people together toward the end point — the metro line three station "new building". Another highlight is everyone again at night accompanied of run, until the end point to greet the dawn sunrise. 13 days of zero hour in Xi’an subway staff to assist the whole group to participate in the program, which in the "fish of the village" war rally starting, challenges and the follow up shooting car, car, car, car is composed of emergency logistics volunteer team. Starting in more than and 40 order ready after the warm-up full player, they will cross the Hamlet, the wild goose pagoda, Near East Shapo, the context of the city with the metro line three to finish the course. In the middle half of the assembly point, 10 km and 5 km rally other players will be waiting for rendezvous with them to relay end point. This activity is very good because of the creative theme, and full of positive energy, so the sound is obtained, including Aiju Red Bull, every day convenience stores, Dajiang UAVs and other social brand support, this event belongs to the public nature, the organizers of Xi’an enkephalin ran group received only 20 yuan for each participant the cost of buying insurance, and other needed for boring volunteer recruitment. The participants are mostly office workers, there are some of them to see the largest participation it has over sixty years, and the youngest participant was still in junior high school, it is understood either workers or students or sixty elderly are usually work life stress, lack of exercise, that this challenge form"相关的主题文章: