Xiamen’s first show – Beijing will be staged on both sides of the southern Grand Theater Art Festiva-jiqingwuyuetian

Xiamen e-show zhongxinwangzhongxinwang – in Xiamen on 9 October, will be staged on both sides of the southern Grand Theater Art Festival curtain Godot Theatre (Chen Yue Liu Xiaojing) 2016 Taiwanese Theater Festival 9 days on both sides of the curtain in Xiamen. Until now during the cross-strait Art Festival in November 13th, the famous Taiwan Godot theatre will bring its famous "14 last Tuesday lesson" on the 22 of this month for the first time in Xiamen. The 9 day, including Godot theatre founder and artistic director of Liang Zhimin and "14 last Tuesday lesson" two actors — Taiwan modern theatre pioneer Jin Shijie, artist Bu Xueliang appeared to help out for cross-strait art festival. Liang Zhimin told reporters, in fact, the fruit of Xiamen’s first show was originally scheduled for September, but by the impact of the typhoon delay. He even said with Godot to come to Xiamen to play a very warm and very happy, especially hope that the future with "fresh water town" this work performed in Xiamen again. The original "fresh water" in the town there are a lot of dialogue with the Minnan dialect, in the performance of other mainland provinces, in order to take care of the audience into Mandarin, Liang Zhimin hopes to offer authentic "fresh water town" in Xiamen. 28 years of painstaking efforts Godot, has a number of years to the fans in taiwan. In Liang Zhimin’s view, the first is on both sides of the same language, both sides of the audience can have a better understanding of the language behind convey feelings; secondly, it is the people on both sides of the feelings and concerns are interlinked, easier to understand each other. This Taiwan Godot theatre brings the drama "14 last Tuesday lesson", is how to live in peace with the heart as the theme, between professor Molly and the "dying students reckless with greed" Mitch dialogue, interpreted as a both simple and humorous, simple and profound warmth drama. In addition, the cross-strait Art Festival, will be staged in 14, the Taiwan musical book "and" home? November 5th to 6 men staged the ballet "Mask", is also a deep humanistic concern, human introspection in modern society and multi-dimensional human nature. This cross strait Festival finale of the show will be Taiwan Ming Hua Yuan drama group’s first love martial arts drama "meteor", then, in addition to the "invincible niche" sun protection, the daughter will also perform. In addition to both sides of art works, Italy pianist Vanessa, European classical piano prince Maksim will also be presented in the cross-strait art festival. Liang Zhimin looked forward to the cross-strait cultural community through such activities, to have more exchanges, create more opportunities for cooperation; Bu Xueliang also believes that this art exchange, can do good work for the cultural exchanges between the two sides". (end)相关的主题文章: