Xiamen dinosaur blood only found 12 cases of rare blood type can be frozen for 10 years super bass

Xiamen "dinosaur blood" found only 12 cases of rare blood can be frozen for 10 years the probability is very low, has a rare blood type of the public can donate blood cryopreservation blood center blood bank in 10 years. Reporter Cai Yingliu photo P16B086505 morning news reporter correspondent Cai Yingliu Wang Yuzheng before the 1 year old little girl surgery affects a lot of people’s heart. Niuniu suffering from congenital heart disease, the doctor prepared for her heart repair surgery, but found that the blood type of the girl is more than the panda blood is also rare dinosaur blood – – Mumbai blood type. What is "dinosaur blood"? How many people are there in Xiamen? To solve these problems, the reporter interviewed the deputy director of the Xiamen blood center blood transfusion technician Zhou Juanjuan. There are ten types of red blood cells, many people know that type A blood, blood type B, type O blood, type AB blood, but in fact, blood type is not so simple. Deputy director of Xiamen central blood transfusion technician Zhou Juanjuan told reporters, "generally refers to the blood red blood cell membrane antigen type is red blood cell ABO blood group system and Rh blood group system most closely relationship with the clinical blood transfusion, generally only detection of two kinds of blood group system. ABO blood group system is divided into A, B, O, AB blood type, Rh blood group system according to whether there are D antigen on the surface of red blood cells, divided into Rh positive and Rh negative." In addition to these two types of blood transfusion system has a significant impact on the blood, red blood cell blood group also includes MN blood system, P blood group system, Kidd blood group system, Duffy blood group system, such as dozens of. "Dinosaur blood" very rare reporter learned that the majority of the Han population is Rh positive blood type, only 3/1000 of the probability is Rh negative blood type, so this type of blood is called "panda blood". In the Rh negative blood group, and the Rh negative AB blood group is the most rare, about 3/10000. And more than the Rh blood type is more scarce Mumbai blood group and Mumbai blood type is known as "dinosaur blood". Zhou Juanjuan introduction, Mumbai blood type is a kind of blood type system in Mumbai, the difference between the ABO blood group system, this type of red blood cell surface did not detect H antigen. Mumbai blood accounted for hundreds of thousands of Mumbai blood ratio was 1/10000. "Clinical blood Mumbai is often mistaken for type O, needs to make use of positive and negative stereotypes such as absorption and elution to detect technology." Zhou Juanjuan said, at the time of blood transfusion, Mumbai blood type or type of blood group in Mumbai to find the appropriate blood type for infusion, otherwise the plasma will cause damage to the human red blood cells." Rare blood type can be frozen for 10 years, the data show that Xiamen has been detected in blood donors in the Rh negative blood group of 1000 cases, class Mumbai blood group of 12 cases. Zhou Juanjuan told reporters that the current city established two mutual blood donation group to Mumbai or Rh negative blood type detection if blood, their blood frozen, when there is a need to take out the washing, infusion. At the same time, the information will be donated to the blood transfusion data stored in the computer, there is a need for patients and the blood is not enough to freeze, you can contact these blood donors in a timely manner to seek help. Although the Rh negative blood type detected about 1000 people, but due to changes in contact and other reasons;相关的主题文章: