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Xi Jinping’s visit to Bangladesh to build interoperability model – Beijing, October 13th to 17, President Xi Jinping paid a state visit to Kampuchea, Bangladesh, and attended the meeting in India. The leaders of the BRIC countries held eighth times. During his visit to Bangladesh, President Xi Jinping will meet with President Hamid, President Chowdhury and other party leaders, held talks with Prime Minister Hasina and attended the signing ceremony of bilateral cooperation documents. This is president Xi Jinping after a lapse of six years of Bangladesh visit again, also in a critical period of the overall construction of access "The Belt and Road", far-reaching and significant. "The key node Belt and Road Initiative" Bangladesh is located in South Asia northeast, East, West, North and adjacent to India, south-east border with Burma, south near the bay of bengal. At the intersection of Chinese, India, ASEAN’s three largest economies in Asia, is a key node in the China Burma India promote the Bangladesh economic corridor, an important fulcrum is the twenty-first Century Maritime Silk Road connecting India ocean and Southeast asia. Bangladesh is an important partner of China in South asia. China and Bangladesh are traditional friendly neighbors. Since the establishment of diplomatic relations in 1975, bilateral relations have developed rapidly, frequent exchanges of high-level visits, deepening pragmatic cooperation in economy, trade and investment, and expanding cultural exchanges. In 2010, the two countries announced the establishment and development of a more comprehensive partnership. In November 2014, President Hamid came to China to participate in the interconnection partnership dialogue. With the deepening development of bilateral relations, bilateral economic and trade relations between the two countries are closely. Bangladesh is China’s third largest trading partner in South Asia, while China is Bangladesh’s largest trading partner. President Xi Jinping’s visit to Bangladesh will enhance bilateral relations to a new strategic level, to promote bilateral relations to a new level, to jointly promote the "The Belt and Road construction, build an important fulcrum of South Asia and the India ocean. Promote interoperability model for a long time, interoperability is the goal of human society. As one of the least developed countries in the world, the economic base of Bangladesh is relatively weak, the infrastructure is relatively backward, and the degree of interconnection is low. Bangladesh’s power shortage is very serious, lack of power generation, power supply instability, and half of the population is still unable to use electricity, even if the capital of Dhaka power supply can not be stable. Bangladesh railway network has been in a dilapidated state of being ignored, even in the presence of gauge and narrow gauge railway in two sizes, most of which can be traced back to the British colonial period, the road fell into disrepair. Poor quality of road system, serious congestion. Before the author from Dhaka through high speed to the second largest city of Chittagong, although the distance is only about three hundred kilometers, but every time you want to spend ten hours, even when few people at night. Bangladesh keen attention to the construction of multi mode interconnection with china. At present, Bangladesh is trying to build the domestic railway network, to the capital Dhaka and the domestic main city, connected and some important industrial zone, and eager to build connection to Bangladesh and China through Burma railway, China Unicom and Chinese railway market formation. In order to further add)相关的主题文章: