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Xi Jinping met with Bangladeshi parliament speaker Chowdhury – Sohu news in people’s daily media platform in Dhaka on 14 October, (reporter Du Shangze) 14, Chinese President Xi Jinping met in Dhaka with the Bangladesh National Assembly speaker Chowdhury. Xi Jinping pointed out that the two countries are good neighbors, good friends and good partners. There are many aspects of the development strategy of the two countries, in the field of pragmatic cooperation complementary. The cooperation between our two countries is an important part of South South cooperation. China attaches great importance to friendly relations and cooperation with Bangladesh, Bangladesh is willing to work with the docking development strategy, determined to promote pragmatic cooperation in key areas, major cooperation projects, close cultural exchanges, the two countries more and more people to enjoy the benefits of cooperation in bangladesh. Xi Jinping stressed that the exchange and cooperation between the two legislatures is an important part of Sino Bangladesh relations. China appreciates Bangladesh’s national assembly attaches importance to developing relations with china. The two countries should strengthen exchanges and dialogue between the two countries to enhance political mutual trust, docking development strategy to expand the basis of public opinion, for the two countries to provide good legal protection in the political, economic, trade, cultural and other fields of exchanges and cooperation. Chowdhury said that President Xi Jinping’s visit to Bangladesh is a milestone in the history of the relationship between Bangladesh and China, the bilateral relations will be raised to a new level. In Bangladesh to achieve national development planning process, looking forward to the "The Belt and Road framework, strengthen cooperation with China in trade, investment, infrastructure and other fields. Bangladesh parliament is willing to strengthen exchanges between the two legislative bodies, to contribute to the development of relations between Bangladesh and china. Wang Huning, Li Zhanshu, Yang Jiechi attended the meeting. Friendly tip: This article is "people’s daily media platform" (central kitchen) produced, welcome to reprint, please indicate the source, thank you for your cooperation!相关的主题文章: