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Wuhan University real name system customization Kaoyan special seat   student: Curve Wrecker special education people.com.cn shared by teachers and students will be assigned to specific student seats, contrary to the public library, the others into a "quasi private space", to achieve the optimal allocation of resources, can be more properly and just way. Recently, according to the Wuhan Morning Post reported that Hubei, Wuchang, the first college library to the students of the university entrance exam 598 custom seat of the real name of the. School library regulations, as long as the submission of a written commitment to produce a student ID card and the corresponding number, ready to graduate students can apply for a real name seat. These will not be taken away the seat was dubbed the "Curve Wrecker seat". Library is a hard to find the phenomenon exists in many university. The actual function of university library is far beyond the traditional library. In addition to providing library, library or university students usually study, exam review, writing, group discussion space, is not only the "reading place". The limited seats of the library and the strong demand of the students for the seat of the library have become the contradiction that many colleges and universities have not been able to solve properly for a long time. The universities are mainly three kinds of solutions: one is open source, is trying to add a seat, the construction and expansion of the library; two is drainage, is outside of students to the local library; three is to optimize the allocation of resources, as much as possible so that each seat use maximum value. The construction and expansion of the library needs a lot of money, also need to land resources, most universities have no such conditions, while the college classrooms usually have classes, can not accept the drainage and to students, optimize the allocation of library resources has become the most realistic way. The Wuchang uprising of "Curve Wrecker special", is the embodiment of this idea. However, the teachers and students shared seats assigned to specific students, contrary to the public library, the others into a "quasi private space", to achieve the optimal allocation of resources, can have better and more equitable way. For example, for those preparing for the postgraduate entrance examination or take part in other important examinations, students need to review, the school can provide special seat booking channels, and reserved seats for an appointment, without having to set up a separate exclusive seat for them". These two methods sound very similar, are for people who need to lock the seat, but there are essentially different. In the appointment, the seat is available to all "absolutely necessary" of the people, for the most is not specific, the needs of the students have equal access to seat use rights; and under the exclusive seat, seat in the library into a handful of people "privilege" of other seats have urgent needs people can not get a seat. In addition, the appointment system in the largest extent to ensure the seat will be in need of occupation, and the implementation of the exclusive seat, even if the "main" no matter how hard, there will always be a few days for some reason not to. Since the enrollment expansion of colleges and universities, the construction of colleges and universities is restricted by the factors such as land, capital, and so on. In quite a long time, the resources of "limited" are difficult to fundamentally improve the situation. School administrators should improve management.相关的主题文章: