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The Wuhan section of Optics Valley Sanhuan line transformation completed section expanded to 8 lanes in Optics Valley section of three line line of Optics Valley Sanhuan opening paragraph has been implemented for semi closed transformation completed in the completion of the main construction, officially opened yesterday morning. As part of the road widened more than doubled during the transformation period, usually in the morning and evening peak congestion often occurs in the three ring line of Optics Valley section, apparently a lot of smooth yesterday. Part of the road expansion to 8 lanes as the first ring expressway opened to traffic in Wuhan City, three ring line carrying a huge traffic demand and traffic pressure. Because of the different standards of construction and design defects, there are some problems in the drainage network, road section, road intersection and so on. At the same time, due to the entire Optics Valley area, frequent traffic, three ring road damage occurs when the Optics Valley section. To this end, the road in 2013 to start a comprehensive transformation, with the hope to maximize traffic expansion. Renovation project of Optics Valley section of West Sanhuan interchange Yezhi lake, east to Luoyu Road, a total length of 16 kilometers, is divided into 3 sections: the interchange Yezhi lake east of the landing point to Optics Valley highway, Optics Valley highway to Wu Huang highway, Wu Huang highway to the Luo Yu road. The first and third sections of the reform began in 2013 and were completed last year. Yesterday, the opening of the last part of the interchange is located in Optics Valley Wu Huang interchange, a total length of 1.4 km, in May this year, the official start of the transformation. Responsible for the construction of the project responsible person told the Wuhan evening news reporter, take the "road widening reconstruction project and local node optimization scheme of the main interchange Yezhi lake to Optics Valley road widening interval from the last upgrade implementation, two-way six lanes to eight lanes, at the same time on the full range of pavement were completely renovated. "Part of the road has been reborn a new road." The person in charge said. Morning and evening peak much earlier in the smooth transformation process, the construction side mainly adopts the closed part of the lane, half construction, half open way, and multi period traffic organization and Regional Guide guide. However, due to the peak period during the morning and evening, the third ring road traffic is too large, lack of capacity during construction, the road is prone to traffic jams. Reporters from the East Lake high tech Zone departments learned yesterday with the full opening of the road, traffic during the morning and evening peak has improved significantly. A person in charge of the Optics Valley interchange to Wu Huang Interchange Section of Optics Valley third ring road traffic is large area, in the transformation period, because the construction needs only 4 Lane two-way traffic, so traffic capacity is limited, "yesterday morning into 8 lanes, traffic capacity directly doubled, the whole lot of traffic." This time after the opening, which lasted nearly 3 years of the third ring line Optics Valley section of the transformation project has also been formally completed the transformation of the main line. Fully open to traffic, by the southeast section of North Sanhuan line to the WuHan Railway Station, West to the east to Ezhou Baishazhou bridge and the direction of the vehicle, can quickly access, also provide transportation support for 2016 in china. The docking tunnel in East Lake, the Wuhan evening news reporter also learned from the construction sector, the Optics Valley section of the third ring road will be extended a large interchange in Optics Valley Avenue intersection, the future can be docked in East Lake tunnel, opened to Hankou.相关的主题文章: