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Wuhan residential elevator configuration "standard"   4 and above the new residential elevator shall be located next month – Hubei channel — people.com.cn original title: 4 or more layers of new residential elevator shall be located next month, yesterday, the Wuhan Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau promulgated the "requirements of residential elevator configuration and selection of general" (referred to as the "requirements" as the city’s technical specifications), in October 28th the city’s implementation, aims to solve the problems of existing residential elevator allocation insufficiency, improper selection of low grade, etc.. Residential elevator configuration into local technical specifications and standards, there is no precedent. "Requirements" at the same time in the declaration of the local standards in Hubei Province, applicable to the new residential elevator in Wuhan after October 28th configuration and selection, both residential elevator installation for reference. Reporters noted that the requirements of the main features are: first, the elevator is divided into comfort level, general level and economic level, the city at least choose the economic level, should choose the comfort level. Elevator load requirements of at least 1000 kg, lift capacity. From the current situation of our city residential elevator configuration, according to the number of floors is different from the elevator number, capacity, speed improved. Such as the 32 floor, the six floor, the city is currently the basic configuration of the two units, even if the standard is also required by the economic level of the 3 elevators. Second, the installation of seven and above the elevator lift more than seven layers of "more than four and more than four", to avoid the future of the old building elevator problems. Third, twelve residential and twelve layers above, each floor elevator set should not be less than two units, which should be set can accommodate a stretcher elevator, reflects on the mobility of people care and the need for emergency treatment. Fourth, the elevator should be equipped with safety monitoring, video monitoring, power off layer, one button alarm device. Fifth, elevator machine room should install air conditioning, to avoid the summer room caused by high temperature lift shut down. Sixth, the elevator pit waterproof and drainage capacity requirements, resulting in a large number of elevator will ease the city waterlogging problems due to shut down. (reporter correspondent Hu Qiongzhi Zhang?) (commissioning editor Zhang Pei and Zhang Jun)相关的主题文章: