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Wuhan laid-off workers taoguang regiment created the Navy submarine – Sohu Military Channel text with map: wireless remote control submarine Zhang 51 manufacturing. Text with map: Zhang 51 and his radio controlled submarine. A few years ago, the submarine Wuhan laid-off workers Zhang Wuyi, recently launched a new product – an unmanned submarine. Because of the security risks and procedures are not complete, Zhang 51 has temporarily abandoned before the manned submarine research, began the development of remote control submarine. Now make the first ship and has carried out a test under water, after improvement, in the next month he will again conduct underwater trials. Today, Zhang has joined the Wuhan passenger space, although he is not a lot of creative understanding. The invention itself requires a certain amount of enthusiasm, a certain hobby. We now advocate hit off, is a crackpot invention." Zhang five, said, in fact, I and the ordinary passengers, no different." Programming to use translation software English materials last year, five in the three months to do a wireless remote control submarine, and in December of that year in Wuhan lake water trials made ink. The trial lasted more than a month, during which time debugging, one of the longest underwater sail for several hours. Today, the submarine is placed in a new rental Studio 51, the core of the submarine navigation equipment was removed for further improvement. This is the first wireless remote control. Zhang said five, the production of the most difficult place in the submarine navigation control technology. Not too much can refer to the case of wireless remote control submarine, all have their own program to write, "Zhang Wu said," the basis of my own relatively poor, plus all the basic data are English version, so difficult." Zhang five said, at that time in order to sort out these foreign language information, every night to get to 35 in the morning. Only the high school culture of Zhang Wuyi in order to be able to read the foreign language information, "download the translation software, the information used to translate the software, and then a little bit to check." Translation of the information, the preparation of procedures, these are the work he has been used for many years, has been a very old laptop. In 2012, Zhang Wuyi spent about 3000000 produced three manned submarine, one of these is sold to a famous scenic spot in Xuzhou. But because the "submarine no quality safety certification, pass the maritime department approval procedures, customer concerns, I also feel alarmed," Zhang 51 made manned submarine "to build a ship, a ship". Zhang may give up the development of manned submarines, began to develop wireless remote control submarine. Hard course from laid-off workers to 8 years in the ordinary people, the submarine is one of the world’s highest scientific and technological content of military equipment, which contains the most advanced science and technology. But Zhang Wuyi believes that after understanding the principles, he can rely on existing equipment and technology to create submarines. Zhang Wuyi, who was a worker in a textile machinery factory in Hubei, Wuhan, was born in 2008 after he was laid off.相关的主题文章: