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Writing a great turning point again era chapter (long memory? For the Red Army troops) – Hubei Channel – people.com.cn open bar long march is a magnificent picture China revolution, is a human spirit immortal poem. This year is the 80 anniversary of the victory of the Chinese workers’ and peasants’ Red Army long march. In the long road to the mountains and rivers, witnessed a life-and-death matter turning point, also left a breakthrough in Wujiang, four Chishui, 15 crossing Jinsha River, flying from Luding Bridge and later sung stories. Behind the story, vivid interpretation of the great spirit of the Long March, can be called a miracle in the history of world military affairs. Eighty years eighty years surge high and sweep forward passing of night. Where was the Red Army in the year? How red gene continuously, how to inherit the spirit of the long march? In the command of the party, to win the war, fine style, strong military targets under the guidance of today’s Red Army troops on how to forget the beginning of the heart of the "new Long March"? This newspaper has set up "long memory? For the Red Army troops into the column, the famous battle of the battlefield, reliving the wonderful breathtaking history, look for the Red Army troops seed footsteps, not the same as the long memory open. A precipice, mighty Jiang sheng. In front of Wujiang, it is more than 80 years ago witnessed the long march of the red army life and death of the battlefield. "The sad Road, crossing Wujiang". In Wujiang, Gu Shen, Tan flow length is known, more than a thousand kilometers from the southwest to the northeast of Guizhou obliquely, forming a natural barrier between North and south of Guizhou. In January 1, 1935, with the first snow in the new year, the Red Army with a great battle in this natural barrier of writing a great turning point "". The fifth counter campaign against "encirclement and suppression" after the failure, the implementation of the strategic shift, began the long march extremely hard and bitter. When the central of the main forces of the Red Army in more than 80 thousand, crossing the Xiangjiang suffered heavy casualties, dropped to more than 3 people. In Xiangjiang, the Red Army on the occasion of Mao Zedong force of vital importance, to turn the tide, the Central Red Army running North Guizhou, crossing Wujiang, to Zunyi city. Wujiang is a breakthrough, the Reds face the battle of life and death, the legend of the war, also known as the ten battle of the first victory of long march. Breakthrough in Wujiang, crushed the Kuomintang by virtue of Wujiang – the Red Army attempted to containment, declared the end of Li De "left" route. This is a wonderful fight? What kind of place is the battlefield? The Red Army forces are now over where? How do they add a new chapter to the new period of reform and the strengthening of the armed forces? Interview team rushed to the scene to find the answer. (a) "two times three times, we three classes of stiff resistance, and finally stabilized the enemy counter attack, and finally to 5 consecutive bombs, completely defeated the enemy, to seize the enemy as the natural barrier of the high cliff……"   the end of August 2016, in the Zunyi meeting Memorial Museum, the reporter saw to visit the children of Xiong Yixin, holding his father’s hand, is every single word or phrase reading a news release in 1935 "Red Star". This is January 15, 1935, edited by Deng Xiaoping, "Red Star" to "the beginning of the great – the first battle of the year" in the title, the breakthrough of the wonderful description of the Wujiang in 1935. From this passage, we clearly feel, when red相关的主题文章: