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Warcraft China line: Tianshan skewers do Nang for Xinjiang delicacy endorsement of Howard in September 6th, PEAK signed star Dwight · Howard Chinese line Xinjiang station at the end of the day, choose to Urumqi 5A scenic Canyon, in the blue sky and white clouds, green mountains and rivers, sand stones show the frontier culture. Great beauty Xinjiang, the United States in the Tianshan mountains. Nanshan scenic area of the Tianshan Grand Canyon is a continental north temperate climate, cool and pleasant. Pine fir mountain streams of a wild profusion of vegetation all over the mountains and plains, around, it is a natural oxygen bar, outdoor paradise. Howard a line of vehicles along the winding mountain road along the Tianshan Mountains, settled for a sinseong hoe Zhaobi villa. Teach a man to fish as delegate to fish, Howard followed the local master to learn the craft. He first learned to do roasted Nang, Chinese pizza. Follow the master pressure, press the flower, bread dipped in onion, brush oil, put the pit waiting for baked roast. During the period, Howard again took up Mutton Cubes Roasted on a Skewer. Imitation of the authentic Xinjiang master brochette. Fan, shouting in translation under the guidance of the "Xinjiang mutton skewers of mutton! Not good to eat no money!" The crowd was skewers children Xinjiang Huo master smiled with an air of importance. Hot meat string with a seductive fragrance, Huo master with cumin and pepper, completed the last step. Cumin and pepper taste buds and Howard hit it off, a perfect spark. Howard tore into line with mutton string, a three string, he had licked his fingers and cried and then feeding, also stretch thumb praise, "delicious! Tasty!". Delicious delicacy can enjoy, Howard called on their friends, partners and around their coveted small friends and staff to share with Howard PRO system skewers and roasted nang. Unlimited scenery in the Xian Feng, Howard went on a swan lake and Tianmen scenery. Everywhere here Kazak yurt, Howard walked off the yurt, dressed in ethnic costumes, wearing a fur hat, holding a Dombra dance, Kazakhstan culture feel close. The chowhound he sampled the local cheese, milk and milk. This is not milk milk grape, horse milk. I can not Mutton Cubes Roasted on a Skewer of appetite, Howard after drinking, a grinning. Low mountain trees, overlooking the mountains, clouds neighbor, deep mountain canyon, piles of yurts and herds of wild horses sheep, Howard not out of mobile phone self timer, shoot a little more video recorded this unforgettable moment. Howard said, "the scenery here is beyond my imagination. I love Xinjiang!" With the Urumqi complex, Howard opened the tour to Guangzhou station Chinese line, we will wait and see. (new body)相关的主题文章: