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More terrible than poverty is poor thinking poor people, is the lack of money. That’s right, so what? Many and few are relative, and the poor are short of money, but they have exactly the same time as the rich. Therefore, the poor is the kind of money " absolute " less, but the time is relatively " multi " people. From an economic point of view, what you lack, you will see what is particularly heavy; what is missing, you will see the value of this thing is particularly light. Once, I recommend a book in the know, someone asked me if I had the e-book resources — did not have the nerve to say the words out, I help him: free. A few days later, he said in his message to each big website, SkyDrive, resource searching, can not find the resources. This is like saying: there is no free resources of the book, you recommend a fart ah. Please, this is a book to help you improve the thinking ability of the book, each big website has to sell, also more than and 40, and the content of the book I also introduced one by one, if you want to read this book, that you’re not wasting your time. Free things are not really free – do you find the resources of time, it is not worth more than and 40 dollars? The name of the book is what we are going to talk about today: "scarcity: how we fall into poverty and busyness". It explains why " is so poor and why the rich are so busy ". I have to add that " poor thinking " not " poor " thinking, but " once a poor " thinking. The thinking on the first influence us, love is the trading time for money. A recent movie called "super Lei Feng chivalrous passion blood rescue", watercress has 95.7% people playing a star. But according to my experience, even if the film again rotten, half-way out of no more than 30% people. That is, there are more than 60% people, the value of the time of 90 minutes will not exceed $30 fare. The time is money, so take time to change, this is a kind of economic behavior of " ". But when your pocket is out of poverty, but still do not see the value of their own and other people’s time, then that your head is still stuck in the poor thinking. From an economic point of view, the poor tend to pay too much attention to " thinking; sunk costs ". What is the sunk cost? Is that you spent 30 dollars to see the film, no matter whether the film looks good, the money can not come back. So you to the 30 pieces of the sunk costs, are willing to pay more time to bear the cost of the film, rather than simply exit. There is an interesting phenomenon called " shoes theorem " if you bought a pair of shoes in the market size, no problem, but when wear really found pinch, return it back off, then you will experience the following psychological struggle: – to theorem: this pair of shoes for you for the more expensive, you try to inquire about in time相关的主题文章: