World Intellectual Property Organization distance education Chinese platform launched in Beijing – C-melia kreiling

World Intellectual Property Organization distance education Chinese platform to start in Beijing – new network, Beijing, October 25 (reporter Zhang Su) World Intellectual Property Organization Chinese platform for distance education in Beijing started in 25. Deputy director of the State Intellectual Property Office Chinese He Zhimin said, opening the World Intellectual Property Organization of distance education platform in the Chinese Chinese intellectual property training center, will benefit more Chinese public, make an important contribution to the development of human resources of intellectual property China. According to statistics, "12th Five-Year" period, the national intellectual property system were held at all levels of intellectual property training more than 2.2 training period, more than 230 people, the distance education training scale exceeded 310 thousand people, as China formed a scale of more than 150 thousand people of intellectual property personnel, as well as more than 500 thousand intellectual property practitioners provide a strong team support. He Zhimin said, the Chinese platform launched, will open to provide intellectual property rights, intellectual property rights (basic) entry entry, copyright and related rights and other six courses, better help practitioners to broaden their horizons and improve the ability to enhance public awareness of intellectual property. President of the world intellectual property organization, Sheriff? Saadala said, according to the current situation of China, Chinese has changed from the previous training recipient country into the international intellectual property education output. He also said that the world has a total of 500 thousand listeners participated in the World Intellectual Property Organization distance education, including the Chinese audience of 14000. (end)相关的主题文章: