Workplace Change Tebow Reveals Generation Y Promise-actv

Business Tebow is 7-1 as a starting quarterback for the Broncos after a 1-4 start since taking over for Kyle Orton. The young, new-to-pro-football quarterback "is doing what decades of conventional NFL wisdom said couldn’t be done", wrote Jim Litke in The Daily Sentinel. He is playing less like a traditional quarterback and more like "an irresistible force of nature". Tebow is surprising football fans and experts in a similar way that Generation Y, young people age 18 to 32, flabbergasts the everyday workplace. They bring to work some out-of-the-ordinary aspects that many bosses believe point to failure. But, stay tuned. Business owners and managers can observe Tim Tebow on the job and find out how those perplexing characteristics might in fact, benefit your workplace performance. Here are 4 Generation Y traits to observe that contribute to Tebow’s success on the football field. Trait #1. Tebow is unorthodox on the job. Although his unconventional way of playing quarterback has drawn doubt from experts, he is putting his own touch on the NFL – just as Generation Y is doing in the workplace. They want to work away from the office, take time off to do things important to them, and use personal technology like tentacles to search-out "what’s up". You know, the things that just don’t fit into your workplace blueprint. Trait #2. Tebow is a team player. Last week he led his team to beat Pittsburgh 29-23. It was amazing and unexpected. Afterwards he said, "I am just thankful for the platform that God has given me, and the opportunity to be quarterback for the Denver Broncos – what a great organization". Studies show that Generation Y likes to work in teams. With less ego and competition, they easily call on friends for help. Trait #3. Tebow shocks. He shocks football critics, TV viewers, and fellow Christians with his kneeling prayer. As someone said recently, he is the subject of comedy skits on Saturday night and sermons on Sunday mornings. Through it all, he is his genuine self. 20somethings want to be thought of as unique and highly value authenticity in their leaders. Trait #4. Tebow gets the job done. He has had five fourth-quarter comebacks and four overtime victories this season, late in the game when losing seemed certain. Generation Y professionals have told me that managers needn’t worry about seeing them at their desk and hard at work from 9 to 5, they "will get the job done". It may take considerable interaction, coaching, and patience for Generation Y to show-up-and-deliver but when they do, it could be big time, like Tebow. And, Tebow is having fun the same way Generation Y expects to have fun at work. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: