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Women return home to help do farm work smoothly and saved the drowning girl two – Beijing, Beijing, Guangzhou, August 29, (Cheng Jingwei Zheng Shanyin Zhang Yitao) Guangzhou 31 year old woman in Nansha Guo Jindi recently returned home to help farm work, with two little girls in the vicinity of the river drowning, she Fen regardless of who jumped into the water, the two girls successfully rescued. Guangzhou official August 29th morning to Guo Jindi condolences and reward, praise her courageous spirit and behavior. At noon on August 23rd, Guo Jindi returned to Guangzhou is located in Nansha District Tung Chung Town Ma Village home to help farm work. When she took her daughter in the horse Keyong edge pruning longan tree, two little girls were playing in the side of the river accidentally slip into Chung drowned. Guo Jindi heard her daughter said after someone drowning, regardless of danger, without demur jumped into the water, will be one of the girls ashore. At this time, she found the river and a pair of shoes floating, another girl has already gone. Guo Jindi had to try to use the foot into the water fishing, after a while touching the girl’s body, she quickly hands and feet will hold the girl to swim towards the shore. Guo Jindi pointed to the creek introduced the scene at the time after landing, the girl has Guo Jindi remain unconscious, immediately call the "120" emergency call center, and shouted nearby villagers together to rescue. After several efforts, the girl finally regained consciousness. According to the Guangzhou police, two girls were rescued this year at the age of 11, local people. The earlier rescued girl came home the same day, another girl because of pulmonary infection still need to stay in hospital for observation, there is no danger. Guangzhou police remind parents and schools should strengthen the education of the children and care, improve children’s awareness of self-protection, children swimming to be accompanied by parents or adults under the safety protection facilities such as swimming pools of formal places, not to the rivers, ponds and reservoirs etc. there is no security, playing, swimming to play, to avoid drowning incident. (end)相关的主题文章: