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The woman will buy food in July the baby car keys are forgotten in the car Fujian network September 27th news yesterday morning, Yingbin road sections in Jinjiang City Land Resources Bureau, a Peng mother worry to buy food, will be more than 7 months old child alone in the car, shut the door to leave. Unexpectedly, she actually forgot the car keys in the car, the door has been locked automatically. Yesterday morning at 9 and more, a squadron of police officers in Jinjiang police auxiliary personnel illegally parked vehicles, just to see the name of the mother in the car to turn around, very anxious appearance, a question to know what happened. At this time, the child has been crying in the car, there are symptoms of dehydration. If you want to take the spare key, back and forth at least an hour, the child absolutely can not stand. Police auxiliary Wang Fucheng, Zhuang Mingyuan decided to hit the window. They went to the surrounding to find a more sharp stones, so that the woman will be the child’s attention to the other side of the car, then the car left the rear triangle car window smashed. A few minutes later, the window is open, but the door is still open, Wang Fucheng saw Pengmou car keys in the car, immediately find branches from the side, the car keys out, car keys will open the door, the child was rescued from the car. Fortunately, after a child to appease, emotional stability, no harm. (Jiang Qiaoling correspondent Zhuang Shiqi Hoi reporter Lin Tianzhen)相关的主题文章: