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Willber Pan transform child king! Giraffe looks adorable out of the sky Sina entertainment news from the Hunan satellite TV, hualubaina, blue flame jointly produced the first domestic large file "structured" variety "come on, just do" will be landing in Hunan tv. The day before the team announced the record highlights a group of Willber Pan [micro-blog] photos, photos of Willber Pan wearing a cartoon doll clothing giraffe, with a group of friends frolicking, the picture is very love. From the scenes photos of view, in the hearts of fans idol has always been full range of Pan Shuai in "come on," said do not only have no idol burden, but also frequently play avatar expression package". Visible, Pan Shuai this time in the show is really playing hi. Even wearing a cartoon Siamese animal pajamas cute, minute incarnation of the child king". His little hands placed into meditation posture while standing on tiptoe, duzui funny. The kids are climbing on the catwalk, help Willber Pan wearing a hat; she didn’t know Willber Pan and beside two children talked about what content, not only made the little friends in the side laughing, cool handsome image pan without laughing. In another piece of stills, Willber Pan gestures is caused by the curious users, some people say that this is a pan Shuai Rap in teaching children to sing, some people say "this is clearly the number four gesture". With this group of love stills exposure, many fans refer to Willber Pan, only five years old, not more." "Come on, say to do" in the end is how high energy program, so that the idol has always been the route of Pan Shuai in the "flying self" on the road farther and farther? There are users to see the message after this program is too evil, and want to see". Willber Pan did what "tricks" can quickly become a "King", and her kids mingle? More exciting content, but also to be aired before the program can know. (commissioning editor: Jun Weng fishing)相关的主题文章: