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Why let the thief qingdongling succeed? The new network is mainly man-made – 1928 "story Dongling thief" widespread, Chinese as the greatest and most complete system, the layout of the most appropriate imperial mausoleum buildings, located in Hebei Zunhua of Qing Dynasty has been a "fat thieves coveted". Since the second half of last year, more than half of the Qing Dynasty occurred two consecutive stolen. At present, two cases have been solved, the stolen artifacts recovered successfully. But in it behind the relevant aspects have to reflect on, why always let the "Qing Dongling Dongling thief succeeded? A few days to find out the rules according to the patrol check tomb excavation King Mausoleum of Princess Royal Tomb of King Wen Xi garden coffin chamber Zhao suspects confessed, after several days of the Capitol, they get a clear idea of the security patrol law Jing Fei garden coffin chamber. Last October 25th, they drove to the scene to start robbing Wen Xi Fei garden coffin chamber, Royal tomb. "The earth was dug up in a bag, and the old man of the earth fell back into the well, not far from the east. Three hours after each security patrol, surveillance with a walkie talkie to inform us in advance, then we 3 people over the wall out, and went in and security. After work, we put a good tool to Tibet, Daodong managed to cover on the surface, a good reading." Zhao hit the 3 day of the hole, and bought a pump pumping water for 3 days, to the early morning of the day of the morning, a few people took the tomb of stolen cultural relics left, was found by security, the 4 fled. The Qing Dynasty reserve in summing up the lessons, Qing tombs stolen is mainly man-made, lack of relevant departments of responsibility. However, if you don’t really learn a lesson, "disaster" is not a one-way street. Disasters pile up on one another. In May 17th this year, a stone head from empress Zhao mausoleum in Xiling found stolen, stolen time has happened three days ago. The level of the Qing Dynasty Empress mausoleum mausoleum in the highest theft case, again for the Qing Dongling relics security alarm. Because of the low level of dereliction of duty security reporter survey found that behind the Qing tombs stolen frequently is the management system is not smooth, the government does not attach importance to the protection of cultural relics and dereliction of duty and other issues. 1, Zunhua city management confusion Qing Dongling where is a county-level city of Tangshan City. In 2010, the provincial government decided to set up Tangshan Qing Dongling tourist area, planning to Tangshan City management, in 2012 changed its name to the Eastern Qing tombs reserve, still managed by Tangshan City. Dongling clearance protection zone called Zunhua city hosting, essentially a. Under this system, Tangshan and Zunhua, who are like everyone, no matter, caused the Qing Dongling protection zone of financial chaos, lawlessness and other serious problems. 2, regulatory gaps Qing Dongling protection zone does not attach importance to the protection of cultural relics, the lack of special research, many cultural relics protection work cadre vacancy caused by management is weak, and the guards patrol system is not scientific, too normal, that is the tomb molecular grasp the law, with the implementation of the crime patrols. The Qing Dynasty in the area of 80 square kilometers, 19 administrative villages nearly 17 thousand residents, and 586 single building mixed together. At the same time, the Qing Dynasty in the open state, agency相关的主题文章: