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Why the autumn haze? – health Sohu in autumn haze harassment, although all know that environmental protection is not enough, which led to severe haze. However, the autumn, the haze is not the patent of the northern industrial city, even we are proud of the Jiangnan Town were not spared, and half half fog haze in the sea. A friend of mine sent a WeChat from Beijing: Oh, it’s half past two in the afternoon. It’s like half past six in the evening! We are here, ha ha, is confused, stood tall, look around a fog, like a big bath. Do not dare to stroll around the streets, can only stay at home to write articles! Autumn turns out to be an invigorating autumn climate season, blue sky and white clouds like a painting show in our childhood memories. It is foggy in London! Today, we seem to be taking the old road of industrialized countries. Why haze in autumn will be particularly serious? First, the autumn, the weather was cold and foggy blend. Coupled with the static and stable climate, there is no strong winds and strong air flow changes, so haze is particularly easy to form and stop. The autumn, the weather with little wind, air is a relatively calm city more suitable for the survival of the haze environment. Second, autumn and winter, the weather gradually cool, the north and many central cities have begun to use the heating device. A variety of coal, thermal power and so will produce a lot of waste gas and exhaust pollution. This accumulation is also one of the most important cause of autumn haze. Third, autumn and winter, the city’s most of the leaves have withered withered, which is also an important reason for urban greening can not play the role of urban green lung regulation. The city does not have the protection of green trees and buffer, this time it is difficult to dilute and eliminate haze.相关的主题文章: