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Why do you always feel that they do not dress temperament? Come, let’s say back straight lead: the same clothes, why always feel models wearing good-looking? In addition to body requirements, temperament is also very important. But the temperament is not a short duration of time practice, in addition to the internal external beauty is also very important. Sometimes the mirror will also find that, when you straight back will find not only the spirit with your hunch is not the same, and shoulder width, can shoot two hawks with one arrow. (source: bazaar) straight hard I think how to how comfortable ah. The idea is good, the reality is cruel. Sometimes not think straight back, occasionally a very relaxed camel back is very comfortable, but you may be a boss or client for a while, see you sigh it would be a poor temperament The loss outweighs the gain. A long time is not good, not only is the temperament or stature of the problem. First look at the map. Obviously, the hunchback will appear this person sink, thick neck short, broad shoulders back meat. And when the chest straight, the whole person will appear to grow up, full of vitality, neck, shoulders narrow, this person will appear a small circle. Is not aware of the straight shoulder ~ and Barbara sister to remind you that there is a danger to the body!! 1, leading to deformation of the body, affect the appearance, but also affect the development of health and future fertility. 2, long time the hunchback will squeeze human brain and spinal cord of various body nerve. 3, long time the hunchback will backache, palpitation and shortness of breath, chest distension and other symptoms. Go out for a walk, straighten your back. Come on and practice. In addition to their usual hump should pay attention to, also can improve themselves through exercise. Tips1: with legs crossed, back straight, hand on the other side of the head, gently bend to the side. Tips2: hands behind the back straight, hands clasped together, hard straight, feel the body in tension. Tips3: hands and feet to support the ground, feet, toes, ground, knees bent, back straight. Tips4: sat on the mat, his legs bent, his back to the ground, his hands behind his back, his back straight. Hold on, you will see the results.相关的主题文章: