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Who is the best player after Jordan? A picture to tell you the answer James, Jordan, the Phoenix sports news, who is the greatest player after the? Kobe, James, Duncan or curry, pick in slobber never too big principle, ESPN sent a survey to the fans, get a warm response. The final results show that Kobe to the absolute advantage of rolling the other three won, the support rate of over 70%. The rest is supported by James, close to 30%. Duncan is too low-key, not to vote; as for Kuliben season on the light, but with three other predecessors compared fledgling. The voting results obviously, James and Kobe become a new era of strong and brilliant God’s favored one, they have to cover all the light. However, the text has always been the first, Wu no second, the player has become the focus of the media to attract the focus of traffic. In the former ESPN players in the rankings, James ranked third in history, only ranked in the top of the list of the twelfth, Kobe is a bit unhappy to engage in the Kobe. This is a style of mutation, Kobe beat James became the champion. Especially in the west, almost all support Kobe, the only exception is Utah. Because the jazz and the Lakers have grudges, when Kobe had led 4-0, 4-1 education jazz, become their hearts forever pain. The library is located in California, Texas where Duncan, support Kobe. It is not difficult to understand that James is the last face in the East, with most of the eastern side supporting James. It is worth mentioning that James had played in Miami, bringing two championship trophy for the team, but they chose to rebel in support of Kobe, is a bit difficult to make people understand. James fans do not have to lose heart, because in the vote of the media, the historical position of James is generally higher than that of the fans; in the hearts of the fans, is the most powerful in the world of the heart of the United States, the history of the world, the history of the United States, the world’s most powerful country in the history of the world, the history of the world. The fans in the media, the election of the historical status of the. Each have their own favorite, James and Kobe are good friends, we do not need to debate what. (who is)相关的主题文章: