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When he had James: now need to challenge the return of the prodigal son Stephenson 2015-16 season maturity may Chinese landing performance collection Madden remember him? Lance · Stephenson. When it comes to this name, I think most people’s minds have recalled the 2014 Eastern Conference finals, Lance to James ear blowing this strange moment. Many people may have forgotten, Lance is the three season of double king, he is a potential star player, his two best and the Pacers in the East in addition to the best team in miami. James and Stephenson now, with George injury a perfect year, plus get all star level control Did Jeff Teague, the Pacers have run again. And Lance, his character, his wandering, has become the edge of the league. Millions of players have become a guarantee amount is only 100 thousand dollars in salary players. But he was only 26 years old. Young frustrated, described Lance now again good however, used to describe New Orleans pelican is also very good. Last season was the pelican, continue to progress in a year, but serious injuries hampered their running. So, frustrated and disappointed, the young pelicans gave young Lance a chance to start again. This opportunity, if not because of the all star guard Zhu · holiday to take care of his wife suffering from brain cancer, an indefinite truce, may the pelican for almost no loss of opportunity will befall Lance. Here, the first holiday blessing wife to recover. The pelican, in this era of the lack of guard holiday is a serious loss, leaving them outside the Terrik · Evans; a reliable ball handler, and Evans’s health hidden trouble. So Lance is a good supplement for the pelican. When the Grizzlies last season injuries, Lance has completed a hand holding attack responsibility. In the 26 game for the Grizzlies played, Lance averaged 14.2 points, 4.4 rebounds, 2.8 assists, the hit rate is 47.4%, every 36 minutes to switch to the data is 19.2 points, 6 rebounds and 3.8 assists, this is a very good start data. His per value is 17.1, the offensive WS is 0.8, the Grizzlies in his career is the highest rate of 25.3%, the highest rate of assists is also the highest in the career of the year, but sent a career of the lowest error rate of 11.8%. Although the number of small, but it still shows that Lance in the ball in the hands of the situation can be very efficient. While his basket hit rate is 63.9%, the basket shot total shot to number nearly 40%, if this is enough, the main hand to play the ball team, the impact of the basket, Davies sent the ball. Of course, the premise is that Gentry will not put him and Evans at the same time on the field, so that the team’s outside shooting is a disaster. More importantly, Lance is able to provide a high quality line of defense for the pelican. The pelican last season, averaging 102.7 points, while the field is the相关的主题文章: