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Business Such trainings are organized by employers for their employees so that they can learn new skills which will enable them to be more productive. This article will seek to advice employees on what to do in order to get the most benefits from such programs. To get the most from any training, one needs to prepare for the training. You should be in the right frame of mind as you go for the training. You can achieve this mind frame by knowing what the training is about or which gaps will it seek to cover in your skills. You also need to have in mind what you would like to gain from the training. Your manager will play a significant role in ensuring you get to know the areas that will be covered by the training. You also need to have sufficient rest before going for the training. It is re.mended that the participant should carry a pen and paper for taking notes. To be able to retain most of what you have learnt, you should actively participate in the training. This can be through discussions, sharing your experience and asking questions. The beauty of this is that your mind will find it very hard to wander off. Again memory is enhanced when you participate in role plays during the training. .municating your expectations on the training helps the trainer to prepare better. Employees are encouraged to attend the trainings with an open mind ready to participate in all activities no matter how silly they may seem. All activities though funny carry important lessons which can be used to improve the employee’s productivity. Manager’s role is to provide the participants with the peace of mind as they attend the trainings. The employees will have peace of mind when they know that their work load is not increasing as they are training. There are many ways of handling this. One way is to have the trainings during the weekends or public holiday. Another way of doing this is splitting the team into groups such that each group will have a chance to attend the training while the other works. The trainings will run smoothly with no disruptions as the sessions are going on. For the training to be effective the participants should practice what they have learnt in their day to day life. As the saying goes practice makes perfect the employees need to practice the new skills. This may not be easy as it seems because the employees had a defined way of doing things. Personal effort, patience and perseverance are traits which an employee can rely on to over.e old habits. The employer can enforce the new skills by asking the employees on how they plan to incorporate the new skills in their work. The manager should find out if the training was effective. This can be done by monitoring the employees’ performance. If the performance has improved significantly then the training was successful. The training will be deemed to have failed if the results stagnate or fall. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: