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What the fuck is good night? Why do Japanese girls love her – Fashion – People’s original title: good night powder what is the ghost? Why did the Japanese girl love she did not know what time from the beginning, just like BB cream as popular as night turned out to fly high streets and back lanes. Hear a lot of sister said, we can not use a single dog good night powder, hey hey! (knock on the blackboard!) About sleeping male god this matter should not at any time standby?! The thick oil out of tiny spots acne pores black and yellow black and yellow color makeup makeup Lee Guangzhu Song Hye Kyo, "the picture is so beautiful I can not see! What you don’t say we also chaeKi Obama may have more love "a basket of pig" but you! Don’t! Silly! By! This will save you all night with the light powder is not immediately appear confident! According to the Convention, before picking up night powder must pupu killjoy say — "what the world could not exist without cleansing oil wash can whitening moisturizing Concealer light natural pore Bailitouhong without makeup" without foundation! This is what the world does not exist "tall handsome rich humor IQ EQ positive gentle love you love you only love your undivided attention" good man! Give you a big hug! Don’t be one hit! In the night of sleep God makes you look color uniform, pure sweetness with soft effect skin care program after the skin is no longer sticky powder or these night can do basic! 1 Albio night night powder more than healthy water, Albion’s secret weapon is the absolute powder Whitening Night countless scheming sister. He is a really good night can not be used in the daytime good night powder. Do not know if there is such a sister experience, carefully after the night skin care, feel the skin is always sticky, and do not want to rub on the pillow! The night after the face powder, dry slippery, can get rid of the sun after the deposition of melanin, make skin full of transparent feeling! 2 CLUB bath makeup powder night see bath powder, puff has been unable to calm, bath with you, so all other people know? Contains collagen and hyaluronic acid, as a final step to use skin care, with its skin tender slippery and transparent sense! What swimming spa steam, with makeup easy peeling, the skin is not good, now have a bath powder, you know! For those who are not very good skin, want to unload the makeup at night will not be scared of her boyfriend’s sister, there is a beautiful excuse for 24 hours. 3 Shiseido 24 hours all the powder Maquillage frozen cake to see the best, because the color value is too high, one first time to surrender, to buy even reluctant to use! Equipped with 2 puff, a thick one thin, distinguish sooner or later use. Silty fine, had no Polish effect on the face, have no sense of powder. Contains hyaluronic acid and melanin inhibiting ingredients, to a certain extent, play a whitening and moisturizing effect. 4 – night powder recently idose cardamom yarn yarn favorability dally! This good night powder相关的主题文章: