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UnCategorized Have you ever wondered why so many people are choosing the pug over any other dog to own as a pet? First impressions aren’t really all that appealing when you think about it. Some people would even go as far as saying that they look like they have just run flat into a wall and that’s how they’re gotten their appearance. So why do people still choose the pug over any other… Don’t Judge A Book By Its Cover It it widely known that pug dogs have one of the best personalities out evry domestic dog breed in the world. Experts believe that they are especially good for young children as they are unlikely ever to bite or attack in any way, shape or form. The fact that they are a very hardy dog also makes them a good choice for families with small children. They love to be played with and thrown around as long as you are not too rough with them ofcourse. in fact they are one of the only smaller breeds of dogs that can take a bit of playful agression. The trait that the pug dog is most .monly known for however is its constant loving nature to every living creature. "The wouldn’t hurt a soel". This is something most pug owners will tell you when you ask them what it’s like owning a dog such as a pug. Things To Be Wary Of For New Pug Dog Owners The first and most important thing that new pug owners should be wary of is the fact that pugs can have problems breathing at times. It is important to keep them cool at all times, especially in summer. It’s a good idea to cary a water bottle with you everytime you walk you pug down to the park. Better still, fill up an empty water-spraying device like the ones from detergent bottles and whenever you see that your pug is be.ing dehydrated and you notice it is panting heavier than usual, spray your dog on the face a few times. I guarantee he/she will love it! The second thing to look out for as a pug owner is their bad smell. Pugs have different glands than most other dogs and therefore give off a more distinct smell. It is suggested that you wash your pug twice a week and purchase a fragrance of some sort to couteract the smell. This is especially needed if you are deciding to keep your pug dog indoors. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: