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What does it mean? Developers how to view it is a game show very grueling thing: the crowds, body odor, expensive and unpalatable food. But the game show can also be a good place for you to make friends. The game show is a fantastic mix of competition and communication. We interviewed a number of game developers to participate in the September 2016 EGX (European game show) held in Bermingham, to understand their views on the game show experience. Christopher card (Christophe Carrier), "Lille 2" designer "shame shame 2" (Dishonored 2) game. Source: Bethesda game show is noisy, it is difficult to chat with others. At the show, it’s almost impossible to talk and talk about the game as we do now. I used to be an actor, and it’s the same feeling on stage. You are ready to rehearse and recite the lines, but when you are ready to play in the background, you suddenly feel, why am I here? What am I doing? The game show is also a feeling, because this is the first time your work has been shown to the audience. But at the same time it’s exciting, because you can see the player playing with your work. Of course, we also have a game test, but this is not the same and the exhibition. People who take part in the game test know that their job is not to evaluate, but to test the game, to provide us with information. But after the game, the players play the game and tell us what they think of the game. You will be very excited and very stressful. If a player is not very good, you will not plug in? Of course, every time to mix a foot. If the player finds it hard, and we get the feedback from the test, then we’re going to have to change it, and we’ll have to change it later. Anyway, the last moment, you can always remedy. Phil Duncan (Phil Duncan), "nonsense" joint development "nonsense kitchen kitchen" (Overcooked) game. Photograph: Team17 Digital Ltd the first day of the game show is usually the most difficult, because the scene will appear all kinds of accidents, such as "the handle is not" or "the interface problem", you have to send someone to fix. But in fact, this time on the first day of EGX, our pressure is much smaller, because our games are already available, so don’t worry about that "we’re going to take what version of the game" or "the PC can run" questions. If there’s a problem with the game, then we’ll be in trouble. The main difference between pre – and post – sale is the pressure. We participated in the first game show is the Norwich game Festival (Norwich Gaming Festival), although it is a very small exhibition, but the feeling is really very good, very good, and that the festival is free of charge to the public. At that time, we took a notebook and showed us how to swim on tv.相关的主题文章: