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Wear 3K block and 30W wedding dress, who is happier? With the advent of the Mid Autumn Festival, October is gradually approaching. It’s a sign that another wedding season is coming. It is said that women can wear their favorite wedding dress and their favorite people to marry at the moment, is the happiest and most beautiful life. These dresses to wear only once to a stunning world of Ruby Lin & Wallace Huo wedding brand: Zuhair Murad some time ago, Wallace Huo and Ruby Lin’s wedding was "ten years of friends becomes a story of love". At the wedding, Ruby Lin’s main wedding dress from Lebanon’s designer Zuhair Murad. Ruby Lin chose its 2016 fall and winter series. It is said that this wedding, Ruby Lin did not let the brand sponsorship, but their own money to buy. She can see the extent of the wedding. Zuhair Murad wedding will not be disappointed, every point of the lace are women’s heart, refined from the beginning to the end, without any flaws, perfect. Due to the use of Zuhair Murad fabrics and accessories in every luxury, so it is called "the first person extravagant evening dress". The following is Zuhair Murad 2017 spring and summer wedding series, the United States to make people want to marry. Zuhair Murad 2017 series Zuhair Murad 2017 spring summer wedding wedding series New York fashion week 2017: LANYU walk in the streets of New York and her sister said this, the first person you can think of will is the first New York socialite Olivia Palermo. She is the only one wearing Carolina Herrera skirt collocation sweater bride. Hair is also very simple day, on a loose ponytail, stepped on a pair of Manolo Blahnik heels to get married… Keira Knightley "Pirates of the Caribbean" actress, famous British actress Keira Knightley is wearing a beige dress Shaqun Chanel married, but it is said that this piece of gauze Keira in 5 years through several times. Outside is a white tweed jacket, casual, happy walking shoes married! Solange Knowles America Diva Beyoncé sister Solange Knowles, is the only one wearing a jumpsuit riding a white bike himself married the bride. Thank them for letting us know what is not important, where to get married is not important, it is important to marry who. Hope that we can wear the wedding dress, marry the right person. The main wedding from designer Laurence · Xu, is specially for Xinyi Zhang to create a "love in a fallen city". The use of China traditional auspicious totem auspicious clouds as design inspiration, the main fabric used in French high fabric with silver white silk, took three months to complete the manual weaving. Click to play GIF 1200K Click to play GIF 1873K cluster embracing stereo pattern auspicious clouds appear, with the.相关的主题文章: